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Renato Reyes Ignores Panelo’s Sermon and Strikes again at Red-Tagging Rally


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by AKO PINOY

Secretary Salvador Panelo Blasts Renator Reyes

Looking for the President Again

Anti-administration rally man, Renato Reyes strikes again by repeating his criticisms of the President’s whereabouts. Reyes said that the President should take care of the people’s needs during the pandemic, not red-tagging activists. He is obviously unaware of President Rodrigo Duterte’s proactive responses to the health crisis. It seems that he did not learn from Secretary Salvador Panelo’s sermon.

Global Human Rights Day

Reyes said that during the pandemic, the human rights of the activists are abused. The authorities had to intercept them because the social distancing protocol is not anymore practiced during the rally. However, the move of the policemen was only for their own good. This happens when Coronavirus infection continues in Manila. The anti-red tagging demonstration coincides with global human rights day.

Arrests were Made

Manila Today editor Lady Ann Salem was “among those arrested.” This was in the operations conducted by the Philippine National Police. Police also arrested Dennise Velasco, 43, in his home in Lagro during the implementation of a search warrant issued by Executive Judge Cecilyn Burgos-Villavert. The arrest came during the observance of International Human Rights Day, which saw militant groups gathered in Manila to denounce alleged state-sponsored human rights violations and red-tagging of progressive personalities and organizations. Police said they seized guns, ammunition, and a grenade during the operation at Velasco’s residence. But the group insinuates that the evidence was planted.

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