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Rep. Imelda Marcos’ Jail Term Exception Can’t be Based on Age as Per Leni Robredo


By: Elena Grace Flores

The presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo said that the verdict of Rep. Imelda Marcos’ 7 counts of graft proves that the Marcoses were guilty of such accusations. Meanwhile, the Malacañang’s statement reminds Public officials to see the conviction of the Ilocos Norte Representative that they also can be held accountable if they do some abuses. Robredo adds that if the congresswoman can still run for public office in the midterm elections, she must serve some jail time if she can still party.  She even compares, Marcos’ case with Senator Leila De Lima’s plight.

YouTube video by PH News Unfiltered

[VIDEO]: REAKSY0N ni Leni Robredo sa desisyon kay Imelda Marcos. Panoorin.

Official Statement

President Spokesperson and Chief Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo issued the statement after the Sandiganbayan announced its guilty verdict in the graft cases against the former first lady. We treat this decision by the anti-graft court as a good reminder to all public servants that public office is a public trust and that we are all accountable to the people we serve,” Panelo said in a statement on Friday.

Respect for the Sandiganbayan

Malacañang said it respects the Sandiganbayan’s ruling. “The Executive Branch is not in the business of exerting undue interference. Nor it will influence in the affairs of another separate and independent branch of the government. As such, we manifest our respect for the decision of the Sandiganbayan,” said Panelo.

Impartial Justice

The ruling, he added, only proved that the country has an “impartial” justice system. “While we note that there are still legal remedies available to Congresswoman Marcos, this latest development underscores that our country currently has a working and impartial justice system that favors no one,” said Panelo.

Political Supporter of the President

The Marcoses supported the presidential bid of President Rodrigo Du30, which the President is grateful about. Du30 also openly expresses his preference for former senator Bongbong Marcos as vice president so he could feel resign anytime. The younger Marcos has an electoral protest against the opposition leader who won in the 2016 polls by a narrow margin possible because of digital fraud.

Jail Exception is Unfair to Senator De Lima?

Robredo strongly stresses that the justice system must improve. Aside from the very long process, it is also somewhat unfair. She cites the age consideration. Rep. Marcos is already 89-years old and like former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, she cannot be jailed. While Senator De Lima is serving a jail term without a concrete evidence, the older Marcos is still free despite the 7 counts of graft, Robredo said. However, De Lima is found guilty of drug-related cases whereas the former first lady’s verdict is non-executory yet because she can still file an appeal. Another thing, graft pertains to the diversion of funds, unlike the unbailable plunder which is getting a commission or benefitting directly from the government’s coffer. Rep. Marcos repeatedly reveals that it is not them who steal money but it was the PCGG who robs them. What’s ironic about that is, there were no missing funds during the Marcos regime. In fact, the people were well provided for through government facilities. Most of which stand durably until this time.

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  1. Kahit kailan bobo paano ito naging abogada no wonder she failed her bar exam 3 times hahhaHHh

  2. Taena mong fake vp dapat ikaw makulong! Mga Marcos maraming nagawang mabuti para sa mga pilipino ikaw at ang mga kasama mong dilawan ano ba nagawa nyo? Taena nyo lahat!!!

  3. Sabi mo “De Lima is found guilty of drug-related cases whereas the former first lady’s verdict is non-executory yet…” De Lima was never found guilty. Hindi nga umuusad ang kaso niya dahil isa-isang umaatras ang mga witnesses na nakakulong sa Bilibid.

    1. That was from Rappler. Violators of Section 5 of the Dangerous Drugs Act face 12 years to life imprisonment. Under criminal procedures, “no person charged with an offense punishable by life imprisonment shall be admitted to bail regardless of the stage of the criminal prosecution.”

  4. Kahit kailan talaga napaka BOBO at TANGA TANGA ng BOBANG LUGAW na to… walang malinaw na sagot or malinaw na opinyon sa issue… !

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