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Any Replacement for Binay on OFW Woes?: Assistance Badly Needed by 11 OFWs in Riyadh

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Eleven Filipinos in Al-Hail, Riyadh have appealed to new Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte to help them after a court issued a decision in favor of their sponsor asking them to pay SR25,000 each.The Filipinos, who are mechanics and vehicle painters, have asked their embassy to provide an official interpreter during the court hearing.In their appeal on social media, the group members said it is now already five months when their colleague, Mecias Hernandes, was beaten up by their sponsor during which he suffered serious injuries. “Since that date, our case is still pending in the labor court. Now suddenly it has issued a verdict in favor of the sponsor,” the group claimed, while appealing again to review the case.

Jennifer Navarra, one of the complainants, told Arab News that most of them had spent six to seven years in service and were not allowed a leave, as stated in their contracts.
“That is how the problem started. He (the sponsor) never allowed to leave,” Navarra said.“In February, we decided to leave the work when he started beating us on petty charges, prompting us to submit the case to the Hail labor court, and we attended several hearings.“In one of the hearings, the court did not allow a representative from the Philippine Embassy as he (the sponsor) was not carrying an authorization letter from the embassy.

“Recently, we were informed that the same court decided in favor of our sponsor, urging us to pay SR25,000 each for halting working and causing a loss to his shop.“We are shocked and will not be able to pay while staying for nearly five months without salary,” he said.“We have our children back home and they cannot continue their study due to our poor condition,” he added – as reported by Arab News.


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