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Richard Gomez: To Claim a Role in a Movie and to be a Leader are Two Different Things


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7
[VIDEO]: Gomez on endorsing Bongbong Marcos: He’s the most qualified to run PH given local gov’t experience

Richard Gomez Claims that BBM is the Most Qualified

The rising costs of fuel made Mayor Richard Gomez to refrain from having caravans in the city. He endorses the BBM-Sara Uniteam. He claimed that BBM is the most qualified presidential candidate. His local experience would make him a good leader for the country.

Playing a Role

Gomez said that to claim a role and to run a city are two different things. Bongbong Marcos is a favorite in the Leyte area. The San Juanico Bridge and the Geothermal Power Plan were built during the administration of his father. So, they take pride that until now, it is still servicing Manila.

One of the Safest Cities

Despite not having heavy campaigning, mayor Gomez is confident that he would win because of his performance. Ormoc is now one of the safest cities in the country. No doubt about BBM and Sara as well. They can easily claim victory after the election. There would soon be a new government leading the country to the real big change towards progress, he stressed.

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