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Robin Padilla: Admires Marcos and Thinks that He’s a Hero


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte feels that Robin Padilla deserves the absolute pardon he bestowed upon him because he has suffered so much already. Besides his good record and substantial contribution in the Bilibid prison, he has not hurt anyone. He’s case is just illegal possession of firearms. Padilla has served full 3 years of imprisonment displaying good character.

Youtube video by; CNN Philippines
[VIDEO]: ‘The Source’ speaks to Robin Padilla on the absolute pardon awarded by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Marcos is a Hero for Padilla

I am an admirer of Marcos. Marcos said to Americans that aid to the Philippines should meet our needs, and we don’t just need military aid. If Marcos did that, he is a hero to me. Padilla added that he considered Marcos one of those who fought the Americans.

Cannot Travel to the USA

Robin Padilla’s U.S. visa has been pending renewal since 2003. Also, the visas of her other children were canceled – despite having nothing to do with his case. He still cannot visit his new daughter with wife, Mariel who just gave birth there.

Padilla Backs Duterte’s Policies

Federalism, the death penalty, Marcos burial and of course the endorsement of Bongbong Marcos are all good for Robin Padilla. The fact that he is an admirer of the late strongman, for sure he would continue supporting the son who displays his greatness.

The President’s Humility and Clemency

Robin Padilla attested to the humility shown by the president when dealing with the campaign on illegal drugs. He does not believe that the police authorities are behind the extra-judicial killings. He also clarified that the death penalty is binding to out constitution and with Duterte’s clemency, it can work.

2 thoughts on “Robin Padilla: Admires Marcos and Thinks that He’s a Hero

  1. He Robin just realized the goodness of Marcos as to his accomplishment for the people and Duterte is putting things in order just like what PFEM was doing before, his absolute pardon just compensate to what he did while he is in jail.

  2. buti :c robin alam nya ang history about marcos

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