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Robredo Accuses Bongbong Marcos of Using Trolls Anew


By: Elena Grace Flores
GMA News

Robredo Answers Angelic Face Comment of the President

Duterte: Robredo has an Angelic Face but the Mind is of the Devil

VP Leni Robredo said that she doesn’t stoop down to the level of the President. She knows that she can irritate him with her slightest suggestion but she does it anyway. After all, it’s her mandate to do som she added. However, she admits that this creates a division between the DDS and the Dilawan. She’s also aware that Duterte favors Bongbong Marcos.

The Vaccine Issue

Robredo also mocks Palace spokesperson Harry Roque for defending the President. He said that her suggestions do not make sense anymore because they are 10 steps ahead. Then the VP can’t help by saying I told you so when the delays of the vaccines happen. She cannot comprehend why other vaccines are not suitable for other people. Maybe, she needs a consultant in this area.

Bongbong Marcos on Trolls

Malou Mangahas reminds Robredo that if the DDS has trolls, so as the Dilawans. She denies it by saying that she does not have money to pay trolls unlike Bongbong Marcos. The latter already answered this accusation in the past telling her that his supporters are real people. They are not trolls and also not paid by him,he clarified.

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