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Robredo Clueless on Marcos’ Gold Reserves at World Bank – calls Bongbong Marcos a Thief?

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Vice President Leni Robredo cannot just participate in the deliberation. Then when she gets out, she criticizes what has been discussed. If a harmonious environment must be preserved, she better not join the administration Cabinet. It’s unfair keeping quiet inside and open your mouth outside. Special Assistant to the President Bong Go requested Evasco to relay the notice to Robredo from the president. He has advised Robredo not to attend any cabinet meetings anymore through a text message. This has been leaked by Bongbong Marcos’ camp via social media even before Robredo’s official statement. That prompts her to comment that he was the one who has the history of stealing and not her. She is probably referring to the alleged Marcos hidden wealth since Bongbong Marcos has no records of stealing.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo dismissed talk Liberal Party is moving to oust President Rodrigo Duterte. The disclaimer comes after the president named those allegedly out to impeach him. – The World Tonight, ANC, September 13, 2016

Robredo Innocent or just want to Attack Bongbong Marcos?

Robredo seems like she is clueless on the fact that the alleged Philippine treasures often called hidden wealth by Marcos detractors were deposited by the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos at the World Bank since the 1960’s. This is the reason why President Rodrigo Duterte can borrow money immediately for infrastructure projects for the welfare of the Filipinos. World Bank documents as backed up by the Central Bank record clearly states that the funding is allocated for the benefit of the citizens.

Why does Robredo often call Bongbong Marcos a Thief

Robredo, like any other members of the Liberal Party, often accuses the Marcoses particularly Bongbong Marcos of stealing something in the hope that it will stick into the people’s mind. That would then discredit the Marcoses and ultimately if the public will not search for the truth, lies would again dominate in the Philippines that already ruined it in the past. This is obviously her strategy of barring Marcos from the presidency that she stole from him in the first place.

Robredo Accuses The President to be in Cahoots with Bongbong Marcos

Robredo is really paranoid these days when she accuses the president of conniving with Bongbong Marcos’ installation to the Vice Presidency replacing her. Abella denies insinuations that the Duterte administration is in cahoots with the Marcoses to allegedly snatch the vice presidency from Robredo. He actually doesn’t have to do that because the PET will more likely favor his electoral protest against Robredo.

Hypocrisy Displayed?

Bongbong Marcos fired back to Robredo calling her a hypocrite because she is acting like she has no knowledge of the Liberal Party’s massive fraud to make her win the V.P. race against him. Numbers don’t lie, however, and the votes just did not tally. She also denied that there’s no plot to oust the president – but why does the poor Vice President very restless nowadays?

6 thoughts on “Robredo Clueless on Marcos’ Gold Reserves at World Bank – calls Bongbong Marcos a Thief?

  1. You were right when you said that Robredo could not participate in the cabinet deliberation. I was thinking of that too. I waa rhinking that during cabinet meetings where policies are discussed by al cabinet members there’s a lot of deliberations. There are pros and cons to the issues at hand. And then the cabinet members will come to a decision and that will be adhered to and honored by everybody. In the case of Robredo she is the type of person who lacks mental sharpness and the ability to discern. Plus the fact that she is not articulative. And because of this, I could imagine her being quiet and non-contributory to the discussions going on. That’s why she oftentimes calls for press cons and that’s the only time that she opposes what has been decided on the cabinet meeting because presscons are planned and she or her writer can prepare already what she will say in the press con. And I heard that even the questions asked of her are scripted already. Plus the fact that she has been coached already by Bam Aquino or other LP members on what to say and how to say it.

  2. Well., they are trying to produce another Cory in robredo I suppose.,
    to hell with them..
    It will never happened again.,

  3. The LP’s are pointing one finger ‘thief’ to the Marcoses but they don’t realize that three fingers are actually pointing to them!

  4. She’s really pretending that she doens’t know anything about thelast election …….

  5. robredo is acting like as if she doesnt know anything especially marcos gold or maybe she is just stupid . she is a lawyer and very much exposed to social media and im sure she already read about those articles regarding phil history .anyway on my own observation mas marunong pang di hamak ang irdinaryong netizen sa kanya . parang wala sa isip niya yun mga sinasabi especially during an interview with noli de castro parang litang o wala sa sarili

  6. Leni Robredo ha been used by her party, if things are to be considered she is the party’s last card on legal approach in hopes of taking over the Palace once more. There is a great mystery surrounding the death of her husband in which surprisingly she does not even seem to pursue nor showing any hint of interest. The only problem with Leni is that she is still a neophyte on politics, her convincing powers are way too immature to be believable. As an attorney herself she does not seem to be aware to the fact that when you make an accusation you better have reliable and convincing sources that would support your assertion, her current action displays an ignorance that should be oblivious in her line of profession.

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