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Robredo Denies that the Deciding Factor for her to Run is BBM


By: Elena Grace Flores

Robredo’s Realization
It’s clear that outgoing Vice President Leni Robredo swears that she will run for President if Bongbong Marcos does it. Sure enough, just a day after he declares, she files her presidential bid. Mayor Isko Moreno criticizes the act. He said that the Filipinos are at a loss if Robredo becomes President. However, Robredo denies this when the media pushes for her reason to finally run. She added that it’s her realization to do what is right for her.

Fight with the Marcos-Duterte Tandem is Expected

She further reacts that the Marcos-Duterte tandem is already part of their fight. whether it’s the President himself for VP or his daughter, Mayor Sara. It is said that nothing can beat when the north unites with the south.

Non-Negotiable with the Marcoses

Mayor Isko Moreno, another presidential aspirant has a different stand when it comes to the Marcoses than Robredo. The latter said that this is non-negotiable. The mayor then reminds her that she cannot even unite the opposition. How much more when it comes to the whole country?

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  1. Isko makes sense.

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