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Robredo-Marcos: It’s tampered – do not accept

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s time to stop hurting people on both sides of the game. It has proven than Comelec has tampered the server. It does not matter how minimal the tampering is – it’s still tampered. Is the featured image familiar to you? We are not advised to drink or eat tampered products. We can either get poisoned or die. The same as the VP election results. It’s deadly for Marcos’ and Robredo’s supporters.

Who can blame Senator Bongbong Marcos into speculating that there’s indeed fraud when the results trend changed overnight? Better yet, Comelec confessed doing minor tampering – but it’s not their call to say it’s minor nor any IT expert. The fact that it’s tampered plus there’s discrepancy between the 2 transparency servers – with one is intended to mirror the other.

In fairness to Leni Robredo also – you won’t be proud claiming the position when many people would think that you are cheating even if you are not. So, manual recount is a must if the ballots are not tampered yet. It is also ideal to conduct another Vice Presidential and Senatorial election because there are many unanswered questions on why such candidates won – and they surged just after Comelec tampered the server.

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