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Robredo Sneaks to Clarify Bongbong Marcos’ Comelec Liability Behind Martial Law

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It was odd for the greatest Martial Law critic, Vice President Leni Robredo to easily say that the Supreme Court’s favorable decision on its implementation in Mindanao asserts the “democratic process” provided by the Constitution. Behind all that Bongbong Marcos receives a copy of her Manifestation with Omnibus Motion that asks the PET to direct the Comelec to vehemently charge her rival for all Comelec and Smartmatic expenses incurred along the latter’s electoral protest against her.

Youtube video by; News5Everywhere
[VIDEO]: Sinabi ni Vice Pres. Leni Robredo na ang desisyon ng SC ay patunay sa demokratikong prosesong nakalatag sa konstitusyon.

Democratic Process of Martial Law

“The Supreme Court decision on Proclamation No. 216 is an affirmation of the democratic process set in our Constitution. This is an important component of the mandated checks and balances to Martial Law,” Robredo said in a statement. However, she also said that she expects Congress to “likewise fulfill its Constitutional duty to review, on behalf of the people, the declaration of martial law in Mindanao.”

Robredo’s Manifestation with Omnibus Motion

The VP’s Manifestation with Omnibus Motion is:

1. To clarify Bongbong Marcos’ liability for the monthly expenses incurred by the COMELEC. The amount of Php 5.6 million per month is for the lease of the Sta. Rosa warehouse; and

2. To direct the COMELEC to clarify for Marcos to be held liable to pay Php 2 billion for the costs of the VCMs breach of contract penalty with Smartmatic.

Not Delaying?

No matter how Robredo denies her delaying tactics, her actions prove all her ill intentions to delay the electoral protest process. Politicians who say one thing and do another are very dangerous players. With that in mind, it won’t take long until she turns against the President on his Martial Law declaration.

Look at the Heart

One can’t be a good leader without a good heart. Giving your legal opponent a hard time is one manifestation of Robredo’s undesirable nature. To sneak out in pushing the Supreme Court to add to the financial burden of Marcos who is robbed of his victory is unfairly unnecessary – if she believes in democracy. Why not just fight back in legal terms fair and square?

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