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Robredo’s Camp Puts the Blame on Marcos for the Sub Judice Rule’s Penalty


By: Elena Grace Flores

The questionable Vice President, Leni Robredo’s camp announces a day after Marcos’s compliance with the PET’s order that they have already paid the fine. This is for the violation of the sub judice rule. As the VP’s lead counsel, Romulo Macalintal insists that their camp had to answer the alleged malicious and unfounded statements made by Bongbong Marcos. They have to pay a penalty because of Marcos, blames the veteran lawyer.

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[VIDEO]: P50,000 ang multa ni Robredo matapos nilang isapubliko ng kampo ni Bongbong Marcos ang ilang detalye ng electoral protest

Robredo Questions the PET

Robredo’s camp also questions the PET about which specific statements she and her counsels have made. That was considered in violation of the sub judice rule. The camp does so by forwarding a “manifestation with an urgent motion for clarification.” The sub judice rule prohibits the issuance of public statements. This is on the merits of a case that is still under judgment by the court.

Marcos’ Observation as the Cause of the Fines

Robredo’s manifestation notes that in its June 16, 2018 resolution, the PET only mentions statements made by Marcos. These were about the condition of the ballot boxes during the manual counts. The issue of the ballots being wet, the audit logs missing, and many more. Marcos said that they were his observations. They coincide with the current electoral reform Senate hearing It insinuates that massive fraud is actually done digitally. Not just manually This is part of Marcos’ first course of action that the PET sets aside earlier. It is their hope that the decision would not complicate things.

Unfair Treatment

“While the Honorable Tribunal specifically took note of said statements, its resolution did not point to any specific statement made by protestee Robredo and her counsels which could be considered as a violation of the sub judice rule,” the manifestation continues.

In Violation of  the Sub Judice Rule

In order to avoid influencing the court, the sub judice rule prohibits both Marcos and Robredo and their counsels from making public comments. They must not disclose information about the pending election protest that is still under investigation by the court. The PET ordered both parties to pay by the PET for not observing this rule.

Putting the Blame on Marcos

To quote Romulo Macalintal, Robredo’s lead counsel, he insists that they had to act in self-defense against the statements made by the Marcos camp. “We intended to respect the sub judice rule but as Marcos spread lies they had to answer.” Macalintal’s statement puts the blame on the Marcos’ camp.

1 thought on “Robredo’s Camp Puts the Blame on Marcos for the Sub Judice Rule’s Penalty

  1. kapal ng mukha mo talaga fake vp…
    may gana ka pang manisi..
    di mo ba alam na noon ka pa dapat nagbayad sa PET..langhiya..
    napaka unfair na nga treatment ng PET kay BBM…dahil kulang one week ang binigay na palugit para makapagbayad…
    eh ikaw?
    almost 2 yrs na na di ka nagbabayad …hoy…
    nasaan ang good manners nyo at honesty nyo at democratic nyo?
    magaling lang kayo sa salita at paninisi pero galaw nyo naman ay puro palpak.paano kami maniniwala sa inyo..
    incompetent ka PRRD declared

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