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Robredo’s Martial Law Scare is a Laughing Stock for the Duterte-Marcos Supporters


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Being a lawyer and vice president at that, president Rodrigo Duterte’s comments that he wants to revise the constitution to bring back the absolute power to the president should not scare Leni Robredo that much. She should know what Senator Juan Ponce Enrile said that under the new constitution, martial law cannot be revised just because the president says so.

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[VIDEO]: After resigning from the Duterte cabinet, what is next for Vice President Leni Robredo?

Minority Anti-Marcos

Vice President Leni Robredo believes President Rodrigo Duterte can change his decision on the hero’s burial for former president Ferdinand Marcos. That is if he hears “one great voice” of dissent. “If we have one voice, we have a greater chance of being heard,” Robredo said. Duterte believes there is only a minority of the population that is against Marcos’ burial at the Heroes’ Cemetery. she added according to Rappler.

The President’s Stand

In a speech in Angeles City, Pampanga, Duterte said he wanted to amend the provisions of martial law declaration. This includes the term limits for local officials under the 1987 Constitution. Duterte said wants the declaration martial rule to be the sole prerogative of the President. That is without the approval of Congress and the Supreme Court. “Martial law powers are subject to review by the SC and by Congress. If you declare martial law and in the event of invasion or war, I cannot proceed and especially when there’s trouble, I still have to go to Congress and go to the Supreme Court,” Duterte explained.

Bongbong Marcos is a Separate Person from Martial Law

Manila Times wrote: Bongbong Marcos, Jr. was indisputably the most qualified among the vice presidential candidates. His rivals were political and moral midgets. Nothing can convince his opponents to think they could occupy the second-highest post in the land. Only Bongbong proved to be intelligent, moral, and courageous as to fight President Aquino’s two major plots. This is seen when they convert the Supreme Court into his stamp-pad by removing Chief Justice Renato Corona from his post. On top of that, they lay the groundwork for an independent “Bangsamoro” state in the heart of Mindanao. Only Marcos, Jr. could boast of a lengthy experience in both the executive department. He served for 12 years as governor, and Congress, where he has served for nine long years. Then, he was a senator before joining the vice presidential race.

Why is V.P. Robredo Undermining the Truth?

If Vice President Leni Robredo stick to the truth, where would she be? Back to her hometown of course if she still can. She is nothing compared to Bongbong Marcos and so she has to ride into the Liberal Party’s media propaganda using Martial Law. It’s not that she’s dumb. She perhaps just pretends not to know the legal process to make a drama out of it. Imagine, Duterte’s worst Christmas gift? Even if the president speeds up the martial law revision, there’s no way something would come out of that this Christmas season.

Unfair, and stupid to ask Bongbong to apologize for Martial Law

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