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Roxas Supporters turned to Binay not Poe – Gaining the Silent Majority

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
More or less 27 administrators, mayors and lawmakers of the Aquino administration transferred their support from Roxas in favor of his arch rival opposition leader of the United Nationalist Alliance, Vice President Jejomar Binay. They boycott Aquino’s campaign sortie in Bohol for Roxas.

If these are part of the so-called silent majority of Roxas then, it’s now Binay who will get those votes. They might be turned off with Roxas’ boasting that he created more jobs – that is being copied by Binay but, wait a minute – Jojo Binay is a veteran politician who spent more than 30 years in public service. Roxas is nothing compared to him.

This one alone is a clear indication that Roxas is worst than a liar. He obviously steals the credits of others like former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s call center and bpo initiatives. No wonder PGMA is also for Binay! However, this is not yet the worst for Roxas. It’s only about time that he will realize that the President himself also turned his back on him – in favor of Grace Poe.

1 thought on “Roxas Supporters turned to Binay not Poe – Gaining the Silent Majority

  1. Good ideas to turned to Binay Camp after realizing that Mr Jejomar BINAY is the Most Qualified Candidate for President of my Beloved Philippines, more People from Rich and Poor in our Society are JCB Voters!

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