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Sara-Pacquiao-Imee Drama Hints on the Duterte-Marcos Tandem Scenario

Duterte-Marcos tandem

By: Elena Grace Flores

Mayor Sara Duterte Says Yes for the Presidency in Cebu
The Duterte-Pacquiao-Marcos drama continues with Mayor Sara Duterte saying yes to the presidency. She clarifies that she is now open to run for president because of the many supporters asking her to do so. At least she now knows the sentiments of many, she said. Take note that she was on a visit to Governor Gwen Garcia, an avid Marcos supporter. Does the Duterte-Marcos tandem ring a bell? Perhaps, the other way around.

More Pacquiao Drama

Senator Manny Pacquaio moves to remove Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi from PDP Laban. Pacquiao reasons in media interviews that Cusi’s supporting Mayor Sara to run despite not being a candidate of their party is not acceptable. However, the decision is still with their chairman, President Rodrigo Duterte. Pacquiao is smarter than that. But he plays the drama for very obvious reasons.

The President to Run as VP is a Big Hint

Only one Duterte is needed to run in either of the positions if this can really make President Duterte safe from the ICC. Senator Imee Marcos said that the ICC cannot pin down Duterte if ever. Therefore, if his daughter is really running, it could mean that she would aim for the Vice Presidency. Who else would run for President with all these people involved? No other than Bongbong Marcos. So, it’s likely a Marcos-Duterte. Not Duterte-Marcos tandem.

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