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Satisfaction, a Humorous Script with Moral Values


By: Elena Grace Flores

The Man, the Woman and the Money
The Man, the Woman and the Money (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This script highlights the nature of men – never satisfied with what they have. The circumstances in this script may sound like jokes but there are some truths in them.

Scene I: A very handsome man was walking along the seaside – then stops to talk to himself in front of his reflection on the shallow sea bed…

Man: Hello handsome, here we are again – looking so good and yet no money and no honey.

Reflection: You can have all the women you like but the problem is how to keep them when you don’t even have a decent job.

Man: (Upon seeing a magic sea shell, he whispers…) I wish to have all the wisdom in this world to be able to make the most of what I have! (Lightning strikes and “kablammmm”… he turns into a woman).

Woman: (The woman who was previously a man talks to her new reflection… ) Oh dear…what a beautiful woman you are. For sure, many rich men will be crazy over you.

Reflection: Oh what a change…

Narration: Years have gone by and the woman who used to be a man is very determined to get what she wants. So, she uses her beauty to get the most glamorous job there is – earning lots of money by just walking along the cat walk for few minutes every now and then. Later on, she finally settled down with a billionaire and had a daughter but still found herself talking to herself alone –

Scene II: In front of a mirror…

Woman: So, this is how it feels to be a rich woman…why am I not happy with all the money and fame that I have? Where is my husband? Ahhh still with business partners – forgetting me having to bear most of the cold nights without him. God forbid, I need a man beside me…

Daughter: (Upon  witnessing what her mother just did in front of the mirror, she also positions herself in front of it and says…) Oh God, I want a new Ipad right now, can I have it please?

Woman: (Upon overhearing what the daughter just said, she realizes that she failed not just as a wife but also as a mother and prays wholeheartedly…) Dear God, please listen to your child who’s repenting right now. If only I could go back to the way I was before, I promise to nurture your gift and live according to your will! (Then he becomes a man again)

Scene III: The handsome man on his bed awakens from a deep sleep…

Man: Thanks God – those were just nightmares! Please don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful of my looks and the way I am right now. I am just asking for guidance on how I could fulfill my purpose in life. I trust that you made me for a reason and I gladly obey your will. Please give me the satisfaction and contentment for the life that you plan for me because I know, it’s the best coming from you. (Phone rings…)

Phone Voice: This is Marketing Pro and I’m just letting you know that after reviewing your application, we decided to make you a job offer that that you can’t refuse – as our new Marketing Representative. Will you be interested?

Man: Marketing Pro? Of course, my dream company to work for – I thought I had no chance after not hearing from you for quite some time.

Phone Voice: We’re very sorry that it took us this long. we must admit that there were lots of qualified applicants for this Marketing position that we had to screen – but we feel that you are the right image for our products!

Man: Thank you very much for letting me know and I’m delighted to report to your office as advised!

Phone Voice: Don’t mention it – we’re privileged to have you on board. Bye for now and see you soon.

Man: Bye, thank you.

Lesson in life: If money is your only or main motivation, you can easily go astray. A pure heart with the strongest faith is what leads you to the right path of life and will also make you a good role model to your children – because it’s your actions that they will follow and not what you preach.

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