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If Saving Animals and People can make One a Hero, Why can’t Marcos be?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The late Ferdinand E. Marcos’ hero status is confirmed with the burial. All the ceremonial details of a noble soldier’s funeral with a 21-gun salute, horses, and carriages, guards in formal white and a marble grave. It’s hard for his detractors not to see it any other way. Today, an everlasting torch marks the Marcos grave that reminds people to make an act of kindness as soon as they live. Not blaming anyone for extrajudicial killings but to start fixing wrong upbringing within the family first before judging others.

Youtube video by; LikeMasterHD
[VIDEO]: Saved animals and people from death compilation. If these people are heroes, why not the late Ferdinand E. Marcos who fought the Japanese enemies during the war as signified by his military records?

Fears of Anti-Marcos Protesters

Do people, who hate Marcos worry that the undeserved elevation of Marcos to a hero status hurt the Philippines and its people? Are they afraid that the planted world opinion on Marcos was wrong all along? Was there really wholesale plunder, torture, atrocity, abuse and murder in the martial law era? Did Edsa 1986 really happen? Why are they so concerned of discrediting the dead and not kind enough to give him and his family peace?

Humans’ Bitterness

Past sad experiences can harden the human heart. This is exactly an effective strategy to create chaos – not only within the family but in the world in general. People who are campaigning for a better life, do not hate. They are the ones who easily forgive and trust again despite the many times they are fooled. Make sure to support a leader who is not bitter about the past.

What Makes a Hero?

OFWs, soldiers, teachers, doctors, firemen and more are called heroes in their own rights. Marcos for one is a soldier, a president, and helped many Filipinos have a better life. Do you check the alleged sins of these real life heroes before proclaiming them? Why should Marcos’ lapses be scrutinized when he has done more good than bad?

Forget Martial Law?

Since Filipinos need discipline, martial law cannot be forgotten. A president may resort into that when there is anarchy or rebellion as per the Philippine constitution. Why not spearhead order in the community? This helps the government in its war against drugs and crimes. All Filipinos must start in their own homes in practicing discipline – so that the president won’t have to bring it back.

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