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SC vs. SolGen: Supreme Court’s Keeping Leonen Boosts the VP’s Ego to Want More


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by ANC 24/7

Expert: Swift PET decision on inhibition pleas vs Leonen shows VP poll protest taken seriously.

SC is Quick to Save Leonen

The swift and unanimous decision of the Supreme Court surprises former Supreme Court Spokesperson, Atty. Theodore Te. The Presidential Electoral Tribunal junks the Office of the SOLGen’s and Bongbong Marcos’ motions seeking to inhibit Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic Leonen. This is from the poll protest that contests the 2016 vice-presidential elections. Te says that the tribunal takes the case seriously.

Calida-Marcos Connivance

The SC’s move serves as an ego booster for the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo. In fact, her camp asks the Supreme Court to probe Marcos’ possible connivance with SolGen Jose Calida on the poll protest case. Now, they ask the PET to investigate why Calida and Marcos appear to work together in their move to inhibit Associate Justice Marvic Leonen as ponente of the case.

Too Long to Resolve

Marcos’ poll protest case hangs without balance since July 2016. It’s barely two years left to the vice presidential term. The filing of the candidacy for the 2022 elections is already this October 2021. There’s a big chance that the protest will become mute and academic. Both sides may have allies in the government. However, it’s the people who do not have the satisfaction of knowing who the real Vice President is. Since this is a public interest, it is in SolGen Calida’s jurisdiction to do such move against Leonen. Only the immediate resolution of the case can serve the Filipinos well. It does not matter anymore who won the VP race.

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  1. Mahina ang allies ni dgong hindi nya naaamoy. Those yrs damina twalag sa kanya at galit. In the govt din dami corrupt they want weak at mkpagnakaw,. Bulas dgong

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