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See how bias Caguioa of the Supreme Court is in the Iloilo Recount

Supreme Court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Erwin Tulfo talks to Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos who expresses her dismay on the latest ruling of the Supreme Court that sits as PET under the chairmanship of Associate Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa to exclude Iloilo City in the pilot recount. Vice President Leni Robredo’s Lawyer Emil Marañon III said that the local SC office receives a verbal order to cancel the retrieval of ballot boxes from the City. They are confident that their point is once again favored by Caguioa who now is now the subject of ridicule over social media.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Gov. Imee Marcos discloses how Justice Caguiao of the Supreme Court gives a hard time to Bongbong Marcos on his electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo. Erwin Tulfo also criticizes his latest order for the inclusion of Iloilo City as per the request of VP Robredo.

Now a Chartered City

Iloilo City was converted into a chartered city that is independent of Iloilo province through Commonwealth Act No. 158. During elections, Iloilo City’s certificate of canvass is separate from that of Iloilo province. The question is, why did the PET allow Bongbong Marcos to pay for it in the first place? Does it have something to do with the former Mayor Jade Mabilog who is an ally of Robredo? Is there truth to the rumor that since he does not have power over the city anymore, Marcos can easily get his huge advantage there?

Recount Update

Aside from Iloilo province, the other two pilot provinces chosen by Marcos are Camarines Sur and Negros Oriental. The PET is still recounting ballots from Camarines Sur but it can have void results due to wet ballots and missing records. That is why the recount has to progress to Iloilo.

Supreme Court Condition

The Supreme Court said that the results of the recount in the pilot provinces determine the merit of Marcos’ electoral protest. The justices can then decide in an en banc session to continue the recount. Another option is to declare the real winner of the 2016 VP race. Based on the revisors’ progress reports, the exclusion of Iloilo City might be substantial. However, it can never hide Marcos’ lead but it surely delays the takeover.

Philippine Status Depends on Which Side One is On

VP Robredo talks about the current difficulty back home in the US. This is during the graduation of her daughter from Harvard University. She believes that she and her supporters are in trouble. Since she cannot gauge the intensity of public opinion, she assumes that majority of Filipinos feel the same way. She can never admit the fact that most of her countrymen are ashamed of her as the second leader of the land.

Du30’s “Build, Build, Build” Dream Project is from Ferdinand Marcos’ Blueprints

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