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Senator Bet, Imee Marcos can be the Solution for her Brother’s Electoral Protest Hiccups


By: Elena Grace Flores

Some media tried to make a big fuzz on Gov. Imee Marcos as the daughter of the late President who declared martial law when she filed her COC previously. She was asked if she heard the isolated “Never Again” chants from the LP group when she arrived at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) central office. All she can remember was what the “solutions” reply of her supporters because she has many of that. Gov. Marcos is now in the magic 12 despite not doing any substantial campaigns yet for Senator. She is even capable of bagging an executive position should her brother’s good nature takes a toll on his electoral protest against Leni Robredo for Vice President.

YouTube video by TOKHANG TV

[VIDEO]: Busilak at Sobrang Bait pala ni Bongbong Marcos.

LP’s Story

Supporters of Liberal Party (LP) senatorial bet, human rights lawyer Chel Diokno – some of who were alleged Martial Law victims – chanted, “Never again to Martial Law!” However, the governor is very much inclined to the glee of her supporters that she hardly noticed their pleas. This has been an old trick of the opposition to demonize martial law to discredit the Marcos siblings. Luckily for them, it’s their performance and the legacy of their father’s pro-country projects that excel in the long run.

Lots of Solutions

The eldest child of the late President Ferdinand Marcos was gracious enough to say that she “could not understand the calls clearly from Diokno’s camp.” She is accompanied by her mother, former First Lady Imelda Marcos, who is seeking to replace Imee as Ilocos Norte governor. Her brother Bongbong Marcos, a former senator who is contesting the results of the 2016 vice presidential election; and her sons were also present during her COC filing. Clearly, she not only has lots of solutions to the country’s problems but she is the solution herself for what her family is going through.

Martial Law Blame

“I have no clue, sorry, I think it’s, ‘Imee, solution,’ because I always have an answer,” Gov. Marcos said. So she couldn’t hear the shouts against Martial Law. She replied to the reporters, “No, these are my friends from old Kabataang Barangay.” It is typical in the country that the detractors of the Marcoses capitalize on the black propaganda launched by the LP against their patriarch to stop their rise in the top government posts. Nevertheless, it is evident that their current popularity is at a peak because people learned how to verify what they hear from the mainstream media.

Kabataang Barangay

The KB, forerunner of the Sangguniang Kabataan, was headed by Imee Marcos during Martial Law. It was a council based in the villages that allowed the youth to engage in public affairs. So, it is not a surprise why the millennials can relate to her every step of the way. The internet and social media are definitely vital in information dissemination.

No Sweat

The Marcos supporters’ chant “Marcos, Marcos, Marcos at the Comelec is more relevant because Gov. Marcos managed to be included in the magic 12 or the senatorial seats without a sweat. She currently denied answering the question if she will consider higher posts after winning as a Senator. Despite that, it is a no-brainer to know that she is always ready to take on a responsibility on behalf of her brother whom she describes as a very good person.

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