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Senator Imee Marcos Answers Why PDuterte Appeals to the UN on Covid-19 Vaccine Fair Supply

Covid-19 Vaccine

By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by UNTV News and Rescue

Sen. Marcos on global price ceiling for COVID-19 vaccines

The President’s Appeal to the UN

Following the appeal of President Rodrigo Duterte to the UN for the fair supply of the Covid-19 vaccine, Senator Imee Marcos said that neighboring countries must discuss a price ceiling for the immunity medicine. Despite the efforts of the government, 80% of the future supply of successful pharmaceutical companies are already purchased by rich countries. Therefore, the Philippines may get them at a higher rate.

FDA-Approved Covid-19 Vaccine is Not the Issue but the Supply

Senator Marcos also said that the FDA-approved Covid-19 vaccine are safe. There’s nocompromise when it comes to clinical processes. Processes are faster nowadays because of technology. However, the quotes that the Senate looks into are private selling costs of 4 to 5$. Not public or government rate of around 2.5$. It is ideal to address this matter globally through ASEAN, added Marcos. To purchase as a group with the neighboring countries should allow the country to buy the vaccines at a favorable rate.

Message to Skeptical Filipinos

It is understandable that some Filipinos are skeptical of taking the vaccine because of the Dengvaxia incident. Nevertheless, the issues now are not the efficacy nor the side effects. Besides, these are world-acclaimed vaccines for the global pandemic. The big question is if the Philippines is lucky enough to avail of at least 70% of the population’s needed doses – to stop the spread of infection. Remember that the country is not yet capable of bulk purchases due to the availability of funds.

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