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Senator Imee Marcos: Are the President’s Threats on Visiting Forces Agreement Working?

Visiting Forces Agreement

By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Imee Marcos suggests that the President’s threats to discontinue the visiting forces agreement with the Americans are just mere expressions. US President did not even take this literally. He welcomes the warning by saying that it will save him money.  Marcos, however, agrees with the Filipino President to sometimes give some ultimatum to his counterpart to be firm in the country’s current independent status. The Philippines is not a colony of America anymore.

YouTube video by Imee Marcos
Senator Imee Marcos’ media interview in Iligan City

Threats on the Visiting Forces Agreement

WATCH: Senator Imee Marcos talks to local media in Iligan City about the abrogation of the Visiting Forces Agreement and how to speed up the rehabilitation of Marawi.

The American are Not Listening

The Senator also confirms that the Americans do not listen sometimes. She said that it is important to consider the needs of the military when it comes to supplies. They are 80% dependent on the US provisions. The Philippine Air Force particularly is the most affected should the visiting forces agreement can’t continue.

Mandate of the Commander-in-Chief

Marcos stresses that the President is the architect of all military treaties as the commander-in-chief. She implies that he knows what’s he’s doing. It is best to trust his judgement and support him on his decisions on the subject.

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