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Senator Imee Marcos: Bongbong is Open for the Presidency in 2022


By: Elena Grace Flores
by News5Everywhere

Bongbong Marcos is Open to the Presidency
Senator Imee Marcos denies that she intends to go back to Malacañang this coming 2022 elections. She confirms that it is Bongbong Marcos who is open for the presidency. He might also run as a senator or Vice President. Although he’s emotionally ready for the top position. Besides, the millennials are very open-minded. There’s no more hostility felt from the previous black propaganda against her family.

Bound for Duty

The senator added that her family is bound to serve their supporters who believe in them from the start until now. As a matter of fact, they initially try to avoid politics. But they somehow realize that it’s their duty to contribute what they can in terms of public service.

Strategizing Still

There are many alliance scenarios floating around nowadays. Like Mayor Sara and Gibo tandem. Manny Pacquiao seems to join the band wagon as well. Plus Senator Bong Go. However, Senator Marcos reiterates that everything is not set yet. It’s better to wait and see. She somehow did not agree with the interviewer on the possibility of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s candidacy. It’s simply because he’s already too tired. But he could also be strategizing, she quipped. So, why stress out? Just wait.

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