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Senator Imee Marcos’ Degree of Concern on De Lima Led to the House Arrest Offer


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7
[VIDEO]: Imee Marcos urges Leila de Lima to go on house arrest after hostage-taking

Degree of Concern

Presidential sister, Senator Imee Marcos is concerned about the health and safety of her former Kabataang Barangay member, Senator Leila De Lima. A home furlough is at stake. But this was not taken yet.  Senator Marcos also suggests for she gets a thorough check-up with her own doctors. This degree of an offer is already generous enough while the court is mitigating her drug cases.  This is not the president’s call.

Transfer Declined

According to CIDG Chief Ben Abalos, they are looking for a safe place for her at the custodial center. But Senator De Lima said that she would rather stay where she is because she feels safe there now. It allegedly just happened that the culprits were confused about the facility’s exit that led one to her room.

House Arrest

The House arrest suggestion of Senator Imee Marcos was offered since July.  De Lima has yet to take this. Although many netizens said that this may be what she’s up to.  But for some reason, she is buying time amidst some calls to free her. President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. said that he will not interfere with the legal system.

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