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Senator Imee Marcos Grills Hontiveros on Missing SK Election Funds


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Latest to ph

Senator Risa Hontiveros Speaks for the Comelec.

Senator Imee Marcos Asks the Right Question

Imee Marcos tells Senator Risa Hontiveros to verify her answer to the question raised. She asks where the 5.7 Billion SK election funds went. This is after the president postpones the poll in 2020. Hontiveros then clarifies that the Comelec corrects it. The budget allegedly went to the rent of additional VCMs. However. Marcos already checks the official report that says it is on savings. The funds are now missing. Senator Hontiveros acts as if she needs details from the people behind her. She is obviously in a state of surprise as per the video clip.

Promise to Clarify the Budget with Comelec

Hontiveros promises to double check with the Comelec to further trace the whereabouts of the funds. In the moments of confusion, the face of Senator Drilon flashes on screen. He seems unhappy with the events that take place in the senate hearing. Many speculations float on social media that Hontiveros has some involvements on budget mismanagements. Senator Marcos chairs the Senate committee on economic affairs.

Gracious and yet Humorous

Senator Marcos could not help but smile. She graciously accepts Hontiveros’ excuse on the promise that she can justify better during the next hearing. Marcos expresses her disatisfaction with the investigation but firmly hopes that Senator Hontiveros can explain clearly in the next opportunity.

1 thought on “Senator Imee Marcos Grills Hontiveros on Missing SK Election Funds

  1. Marcos will grill Hontiverous more if she cannot come up with good reason why the 5.7Billions of pesos was appropriated for…That’s so much to lose or us in wrong ways.Must know an have proof of receipts where it was used for…

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