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Senator Imee Marcos: Internet Revamp is a Must Now!


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Abante

Senator Imee Marcos Pushes DICT’s Internet Infrastructure Maintenance Budget Since 2019

Sense of Urgency Needed for a Reliable Internet Infrastructure

Senator Imee Marcos tells the DICT off to revamp internet service. The country now shifts to digital means. A speedy change can keep life going amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, this is a top priority. Filipinos can embrace technology faster when they are able to.

The Internet is a General Solution

The government’s success in contact tracing, online education, e-commerce, and e-jobs depends highly on the internet. On top of that, crime-busting and future elections would depend greatly on such reliable digital infrastructure, she added. Marcos notes the data speed in neighboring countries. Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia have faster connections than in the Philippines. This is despite the substantial rates. The Senator strongly inquires about the 3rd Telco’s entry to the country.

The Economy is Digital-Dependent

“A robust digital economy is our hope for a post-COVID future! Slow internet speed plus unreliable online access equals a sluggish economy. This is a sorry standard of living. Particularly for local government units in more remote areas of the country, the senator said. Right after the senator’s statement, many teachers in remote areas, post videos on Facebook. They show their difficulties to get internet signals for the DepEd webinar. This is also in the recent news on TV.

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