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Senator Imee Marcos Seeks Transparency in the Economic Impact of Coronavirus

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By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Imee Marcos is aware that the increasing number of coronavirus- affected individuals worldwide is very alarming. Although the country’s
Research Institute of Tropical Medicine and San Lazaro Hospital have the capability to handle contaminated patients, quarantine facilities are not enough to contain a possible outbreak. Besides, the economic impact reported is in contrast with reality, she said. The tourism sector alone suffers a great deal from restaurants to hotels. Even the flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) has laid off 300 workers. This is part of the company’s efforts to mitigate the airline’s losses. Its losses in 2019 are aggravated by the ongoing travel restrictions and flight suspensions to areas affected by COVID-19.

YouTube video by Eagle News
Sen. Imee Marcos calls for more transparency on COVID19 effect on tourism

Big Tourism Problem

Senator Imee Marcos urges the government to correct the facts when it comes to the percentage of the economic impact of coronavirus on the country. The 2% figure on the economic impact just does not coincide with the actual reports she has on hand. The tourism sector alone is suffering a great deal because of the banned flights.

Economic Impact is Massive

Senator Marcos said that there are provinces that are dependent solely on tourism. This is not just about the hotels. Taxi drivers, service crews in restaurants, and many more could not generate their daily income unlike before.

Forward Planning on the Solutions

OFWs cannot travel. The Chinese tenants can vanish as well. This causes negative results for the real estate industry. Not to mention the drivers and souvenir shops. Many entities are quite affected by the epidemic. She also recommends for the Department of Tourism to have a strategic plan on how to sustain the workers who are reliant on these businesses.

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