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Senator Manny Pacquiao is Not Likely to Run against Bongbong Marcos

Manny Pacquiao

By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by ANC 24/7

Manny Pacquiao installed as PDP-Laban National Party President

Pro Marcos Party President

The outgoing PDP-Laban Nacionalista Party President, Koko Pimentel is the son of Nene Pimentel who was an activist during martial law. Whereas, Manny Pacquiao is a pro-Marcos. He favors the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ burial at the Heroes’ Cemetery. His fame is also one of the predictions of the former President. He ran under Binay’s umbrella in 2016 that campaigns for Bongbong Marcos’ Vice Presidency bid.

Presidential Ambition

Pacquiao may have mentioned in the past that he wants to be president one day. President Rodrigo Duterte also publicly urged Pacquiao to run for president. However, he won’t dare run against Bongbong Marcos. That would be very heavy on his heart. Nonetheless, he would be a staunch ally of Marcos. Just like President Duterte who gains his loyalty.

Too Early to Think about the Elections

The great boxer refuses to talk about his election plans in 2022. His term as senator expires by then. He is eligible to run for any position he wants. Pacquiao is kind enough to prioritize helping people who are hungry during the pandemic.

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