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Senator Manny Pacquiao: The Country’s Loans Alarming but Have Solutions


By: Elena Grace Flores

Marcos’ Family Holiday Greetings with Technology

9.6 Trillion Loans

Senator Manny Pacquiao said that the country’s 9.6 trillion loans are alarming. However, there are solutions despite the increase due to Covid-19 remedies. People must have unity and solidarity to help each other, especially during the pandemic. Government officials must lead and serve people without corruption. This is his dream, he added.

84,000 per Filipino

Each Filipino including those who are just born immediately inherit 85,000 Pesos of loan. This may sound ridiculous. But if the loans rebuild or stimulate the economy, they are worth it. As long as the society remains alive and active, finances can only get better. Even bigger countries like China have bigger loans. Besides, the Philippines is rich in natural resources. It’s people are sought-after for work overseas. A little compassion can come a long way.

Unity and Solidarity Needed

However, unity and solidarity are essential in the country’s progress. Instead of political fights, a common ground must be on hand. To vote for public servants instead of business tycons in the coming election should be in mind.

1 thought on “Senator Manny Pacquiao: The Country’s Loans Alarming but Have Solutions

  1. The current presidentiables are worried about loans when there are more problems than that. They should have intelligence and vision like FEM not just because you have billions you think you are now ready to become a president. Even PD30’s experience and education is not enough to tackle some of the pressing problems during the pandemic. To be a president he should be well educated for a common tao to dream of occupying such position. We all are aware that PD30 is not an economist and he said so on many occasions. That is where he relied so much on Diokno, Dominguez, Cosi and others that are serving their bosses – THE OLIGARCHS. So they can’t really serve PD30 on their best coz they will think of what’s the effect of their their suggestions to the business of their bosses. In short there’s already a conflict of interest just like the Rice Tariffication Law that was passed. That is where some people can sense his weakness.

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