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Shocking Internet Bill

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
People make mistakes so do machines. Just recently after terminating my defective Tattoo stick from globe in favor of a newer and apparently better internet Huawei system, I had the shock of my life from the internet provider when I was billed 3,600 instead of he expect 1,299 Pesos like the previous one as applied based on my budget. I immediately called my daughter to call Globe and she complained. At the end, it was explained that the FREE Modem was charged and the correct amount due is only 201 Pesos. I thought that was good!

Assuming that the bill was already adjusted, I only expected to pay 1,299 Pesos for my second bill. I was again shocked to be informed by our house helper that my internet bill under my daughter’s name amounted to 4,599 Pesos if I’m not mistaken I was in my sister’s house during the call). I thought that was too much but waited for my daughter to call Globe. I’m sure it was the wrong charge for the FREE modem again. Not until my connection was disabled for 5 hours that I decided to call Globe directly.

Eventually, the FREE modem that was mistakenly charged in the first bill now became an overdue amount in the second bill, thus prompted the temporary disconnection. You can only imagine how furious I was but I kept my cool and tried to understand Globe’s internal system thinking that this can be a good article in my blog. Sure enough, I learned more things like – my daughter can actually authorize me by calling the Customer Service agent that verification by her is not anymore needed when I need assistance. The very helpful CS agent Beth gave me a Reference number that my daughter can use to fast track the verification process. It was a relief knowing that I’ll get reconnected after 2 hours.

Beth channeled me to Hillary in the Re-connection Department for the confirmation of the said case – but it was sad to know that their standard protocol is 24 hours before I get reconnected. Verification by the Credit Department has to be processed first before I can get back my connection. This should not take that long but Hillary assured me that it can be reconnected in 2 hours or so and not longer than 24 hours. I said that’s good enough. Even if I lost a day’s work today, I won’t get bankrupt anyway – and it always feels good to be kind and friendly to others! And Oh, I was told that my actual due is only 999 instead of the 1,2999 Pesos that I expected. Quite good savings in a monthly basis, I thought! I felt a lot better already. See – better be good now and don’t worry about the 3rd bill or else the Credit Department of Globe will get a blow! It got me thinking again. Shall I get HOME PHONE INTERNET BUNDLE plan instead?

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