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Should the Nation Celebrate Marcos Day?

Marcos Day

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by UNTV News and Rescue

Duterte to respect Congress’ decision on proposed ‘Marcos Day’ — Palace

Should the Nation Celebrate Marcos Day?

September 11 is Marcos Day in Ilocos Norte. He’s a great Ilocano President. Not just in his hometown but nationwide. Many Filipinos believe this. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte already said that he’s the best Philippines leader. Congress’s approval to make his birthday an official celebration is long overdue. To defy that can divide the nation. The Ilocanos may have some hidden grudge to the detractors of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. They also deserve some respect after the two Aquino administrations that do nothing but make Marcos looked bad.

A President and A Soldier

President Marcos’ status as a president and a soldier is enough to give him some kind of honor. His burial at the Heroes’ cemetery did raise eyebrows. However, no one can deny that the protocols that made that happened followed the strict military rules. He is indeed a hero in his own rights.

Accomplishments versus Accusations

Sensationalized crimes that are not court worthy made some headlines. Unfortunately, Marcos’ accomplishments that no other Presidents have done are forcibly buried beneath the black propaganda against him. However, the Filipinos are still lucky to probably have another chance with a Ferdinand Marcos. This time, it would be with his son and namesake who is better known as Bongbong Marcos for 2022.

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