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SM, Robinson, and Ayala Malls Explain Communication Transfer Delay for Optional Wearing of Masks


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: SM, Robinson, and Ayala Malls Issued EO No. 7 on Oct. 28 for the Optional Wearing of masks

Communication Transfer Delay

The representative of the country’s malls and department stores said that they communicated the president’s directive to their branches immediately on October 28. But there’s a communication transfer delay. This is evident through the complaints of some netizens. Caution is still encouraged though.

EO No. 7

The representative added that Executive Order No. 7 was circulated to their branches on October 28, 2022. But no one seems to be aware of this. This was not on the news. People knew that it was okay not to wear masks outdoors. Except in public transport vehicles. Indoor air-conditioned facilities like the malls and department stores seemed to remain strict. Hence the communication transfer delay.

Christmas Shopping

Medical facilities like clinics and hospitals would definitely require wearing masks still. Vulnerable people like the elderly and immune-compromised individuals should also wear masks. The Christmas shopping rush may soon happen. So, these establishments are getting ready with their security and health measures. It is necessary to follow the president’s directive to normalize the economy under the circumstance.

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