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SMNI Presidential Debate: Prof. Clarita Carlos Grilled the Four Presidential Aspirants on Foreign Policies

SMNI Presidential Debate

By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Prof. Clarita Carlos asked the Presidential candidates one by one during the SMNI Presidential Debate.

Prof. Clarita Carlos was Tough during the SMNI Presidential Debate

Defense and security are the areas of concern of the good professor, Clarita Carlos. If the quad were to become a collective security alliance, as the country’s chief executive, should the Philippines be a member of the quad? She praised the four presidential aspirants for having the political commitment and courage to face her during the SMNI presidential debate.

The Philippines’ Engagement

Bongbong Marcos wants to encourage such membership. The Philippines has to think on the fine line of the country’s foreign policies. Special relationship with the US is an important one for many years. As we approach the hotspot in geopolitics, we still have to find our fine line. With regards to China, engagement seems to be the right way to go, Marcos said. As per what the superpowers want to do, we cannot allow ourselves to be a part of other country’s foreign policy. So, we should have our own, he added.

Other Reactions

Norberto Gonzales said that we will always be a part of something like that. Ernesto Abella added that the Philippines should be able to dance with two powers. But retain the independence and sustain the country’s sustainability. He insisted to maintain the balance. Prof. Clarita had problems with being friends with everybody. Ka Leody de Guzman does not want the country to be aligned and be used by the superpowers.

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