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Song of Lullaby After All These Years


By: Elena Grace Flores

Cover of "Lullaby and Goodnight"
Cover of Lullaby and Goodnight

Lullaby and goodnight ….say’s this old-time song of lullaby that puts babies to sleep ever since I was a child and until now that I’m already a grandmother. Despite the evolution of technological advancement, the hymn remained unaltered. The presentation in this video however uses some hypnosis – perhaps not just to put babies to sleep but whoever who happens to gaze at the center eyeball among all the circles – but this is good because this uses your own power of concentration to have that good night sleep. Watch and listen to this:

Lullaby (2 hours long) Baby Bedtime music – fisher price

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The familiarity, the softness and the focus are enough to drive most people to sleep while watching this video – not unless your mind refuses to relax that made your body restless. When you are ready to sleep and can’t do it, try concentrating with the help of this video – but allow yourself to let go and release all those energies to get that inner peace. If you find the visuals strange, you can also focus on your breathing while playing this lullaby in the background. For sure, by the time the extended songs stops after two hours, you are already sound asleep. Goodnight!


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