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South Korea’s Offer to Revive the Nuclear Power Plant for Lower Cost of Electricity


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: PBBM Looks Closely on Nuclear Power Plant Offer of South Korea

Shortage of Electricity

The country’s cost of electricity is one of the highest in Asia. The late President Ferdinand Marcos built the Bataan nuclear power plant but his predecessors did not continue it despite of his plea. Now that his son, Bongbong Marcos is the president, he’s looking closely at South Korea’s offer to revive it.

South Korea’s Offer

South Korea already sent their team of experts for the inspection of the power plant in Bataan. They are expected to make a proposal for their recommendations. PBBM is quite open to this. He believes that the advanced technology available nowadays can prevent past disasters to happen. So, Filipinos can have cheaper electricity.

BBM’s Response

Leaders from different countries are racing to greet the victory of PBBM in the recent elections. Presumptive President Marcos said that all of them already recognized his leadership. In fact, most of them already have propositions for their continued bilateral relationships may it be through trade, economic, or any alliances. He welcomes all of them for as long as they are for mutual benefit.

1 thought on “South Korea’s Offer to Revive the Nuclear Power Plant for Lower Cost of Electricity

  1. Sir BBM our Presidente,
    Noon pa man naitayo ng inyong father late sir apo Lakay Ferdinand Marcos sr ay gustong gusto na naming umpisahan para mag-operate ang nuclear sa Bataan pero humadlang ang Aquino’s government at lalo pang tinakot ang mamamayang Pilipino at mga gahaman na politiko na itong nuclear power plant na ito raw ay masama ng idudulot kaya hindi inaprobahan ng congreso at senado na mag-operate.
    Buti na lang sir BBM ikaw ay nanalo at kaya mo na kaming samahan na sana mag-operate na itong nuclear after rehabilitation ng mga South Korea para ito na yong panahon na matikman naman ang mga bagong pilipino at lasapin ang kaginhawahan na galing sa pagkalugmok sa poder ng masamang rehimen Aquino Administration at magbibigay sa nuclear power plant ng mababang rate ng koryinte..ikondem na yang Meralco na yan na siyang nagpahirap sa mga Pilipino,ikaw na ang aming kakampi sir BBM,isa kami sa mga pobreng Pilipino pero taas noo pa rin kami salamat po sir president BBM,mabuhay ka.

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