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Spokesperson Harry Roque Exposes the Source of the OVP’s LIES


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by News5Everywhere

Presidential spokesperson calls on the VP’s spokesperson.

Spokeperson vs, Spokesperson

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said that the president has nothing to apologize to the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo. It is legitimate that her office, the OVP is spreading lies. This is to discredit the Filipino leader. He calls on Atty. Barry Guttierez, Robredo’s spokesperson. Roque details the instances of their malicious comments. Worst, the discussions were on air over the weekly radio program of the VP.

The Job of a Spokesperson

Roque explains that as a spokesperson, one must communicate the sentiments of their bosses through their messages. So, it is clear that the OVP and not just the sitting VP were responsible about the lies spread through social media. People can only guess the motive of Robredo’s actions. Perhaps, a plan to run in the presidential elections in 2022. The president was quick to threat her that he would wash his dirty linen in public when that happens.

Can’t Manage Her Own People

The strategies of Robredo seem to show that she’s not in control of the OVP. She cannot manage even her own spokesperson. This is if she is really innocent about the said broadcasts. If not, the president may be right in calling her a liar. The president already gave her many opportunities to prove her competence but to no avail, added Roque. Therefore, President Duterte can only let things happen as they should.So, if this means her downfall, then let it be.

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