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Stanley E. Degler Washington Program: $1 million Donor is a Penn State Alumnus and BloombergBNA Board Member

Washington Prigram

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Grateful of his Alma Mater, Stanley Degler who got his Journalism Degree from Penn State University donates $1 million to the internship efforts of Washington Program that is now called Stanley E. Degler Washington Program in his honor.

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[VIDEO]: A Penn State alumnus who made his mark in Washington, D.C., building a career that spanned more than five decades and set a standard for generations of successors to emulate, has provided support for Penn State students for years to come to complete internships and study in the nation’s capital.

Donation made the Program Evolve into a Community Project

Robert Richards, is the creator of the program. He is John and Ann Curley Professor of First Amendment Studies. He said Degler’s gift and support transform the program into a substantial community development.

Grateful to His Alma Mater

I’m grateful for the background I got at Penn State. With that, and a little bit of experience, I was able to be very successful,” Degler said. “I appreciate it and I’m hoping my gift will induce other alumni who have benefited from their education to make contributions to scholarships, to the Washington Program or to any of the other wonderful opportunities in the College of Communications.”

Journalism DegreeOwn Opinions

Degler, who earned his journalism degree in 1951, enjoyed a whirlwind year after graduation from the University that included getting married (July) and getting drafted into the Marines (December). The following year he moved to Washington, D.C., and started a one-man news bureau serving newspapers in three Pennsylvania towns (Allentown, York and Sunbury).

Advanced Studies

Unbowed by the presence of journalists and news organizations from all over the world, Degler found his niche. Editors appreciated the quality of his work and readers got their news coverage from someone focused exclusively on their interests. He earned his master’s degree from George Washington University in 1957.

Vital Career Moves

He eventually rose to executive editor, in charge of all BNA publications in the 1980s and, later, senior vice president of the Bureau of National Affairs. When the organization was purchased and became BloombergBNA, Degler served as member of the organization’s board for 11 years.

Degler’s presence remains an ongoing gift for former colleagues at BloombergBNA who have named an annual award for excellence in his honor.

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