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Support for Agot Isidro Grows after Bashing: Advantages and disadvantages of social media for unity

Advantages and disadvantages of social media

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It is already given that Duterte supporters are noted to react the worst way they can, just to defend the President. Little do they know that they are not helping in making his job easier. Agot Isidro’s comment might be tough – but she is entitled to her own opinion.

[VIDEO]: See Cherry Pie’s rally, social media comments bashing and praising Agot for her daring comment against the President.

See a Psychiatrist Advice

It is really obvious that many Filipinos are not educated in dealing with psychiatrists. If one is seeing one, it does not mean that she or he is crazy. It’s a preventive measure not to get stressed out. Stress can make a person emotionally, physically and mentally unstable.,

Personal Attacks

In fairness to Agot, she has the right to be dismayed by some of Duterte’s actions as a tax payer. She can feel the burden of covering up for the needs of the indigents. They are the ones who cannot pay their share in the country’s maintenance. Complaining as a Filipino citizen to her president is rightful. She is still his boss. Personal attacks should not find a way in social media against Agot Isidro. This will be the case if most people understand the relationship between a President and his citizen.

Growing Support for Agot

Due to the below the belt personal attacks via social media, her friends are prompted to reply to the allegations. This has divided the nation further. What started as a mere complaint in her social media account now escalates to be a public issue. The rally organized by Cherry Pie is really not against Duterte. It is more to show Duterte supporters that if you have an opinion, the rest also has different says that must be respected.

To Ignore is the best Insult

If only Duterte supporters know the value of being diplomatic, no troubles can be seen down the line. Agot can complain all she wants through her friends via Facebook or Twitter – but if ignored, it will just die down. Eventually, she’ll get tired. Maybe she will realize later on that she can be wrong when ignored, or is she?

Advantages and disadvantages of social media for unity

Bashing the detractor of the President via social media can only reflect on Duterte. The rest of the Filipinos who did not vote for him can confirm that they did the right thing. Turning a negative issue into the President’s advantage is possible. But only in practicing sportsmanship. Continue bashing and your number will go lesser.

Unity via Social Media

It is not easy to educate the public that despite differences in opinion, we can be united as a nation. The social media can play a great part in making us one or divide. The only key here is respect. No matter how offended you are, don’t go below the belt!

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