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Supreme Court Warns the Return of Ferdinand Marcos through PDu30

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno might be the SC head but it is obvious that she does not have control over it. Sereno criticizes the majority ruling of the Supreme Court over the approval of Martial Law. She said that it effectively gave PDu30 the exclusive right to decide on matters of national security without limitations. She fears that this can pave the way to abuse.

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[VIDEO]: President Du30’s record-high net satisfaction ratings can be partially attributed to his declaration of martial law in Mindanao,

Close Watch by the Supreme Court

The Chief Justice and Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio have the same opinions. They said separately that the President must be under close watch on his Martial Law moves. This is to make sure that as he exercises Proclamation 216, people can prevent abuses.

Partial Grant

Sereno partially granted the petitions against Proclamation 216. She said in her opinion that Du30 should not have been given the sole discretion to proclaim martial law over the entire Philippines. This goes the same in areas where there is rebellion. However, most justices voted in favor of his sole discretion over the matter. At least, SC still practices democracy.

Marcos’ Return

Carpio said that Du30’s words should not be taken lightly. The president once discloses that his Martial Law will not be any different from what the late President Ferdinand Marcos did. Marcos allegedly abolished Congress, shut down media that triggers rebellion, imprisoned political opposition leaders, packed the SC with loyalists and ruled by decree. Carpio said that the Court must discourage the President to repeat history

Martial Law Consequences

Carpio enumerates the possible consequences of the martial law. That includes wiretapping and government takeover of businesses, the news media, and services such as telecommunications, power supply, and aviation. He stresses that these are all powers given to the President when national security or public safety requires it. What can they do with the surging high popularity of PDu30? As democracy dictates, the majority wins.

4 thoughts on “Supreme Court Warns the Return of Ferdinand Marcos through PDu30

  1. Meaning the majority of filipinos have confidence to President Duterte’s handling of our goverment affairs be it security,economy and social affair.As i said again and again Marcos was the best President we ever had.He has the vision for the country.So repeating Marcos style ML is not bad for the country only those who cannot gain power and richness againts it.

  2. Ver well Said… ML is good .. Only those who go against it making themselves HARDER .. Why. ?? POWER GREED !!!! NO GOOD & REALLY SICKENING For almost 3 Decades.. We Need Authentic Democracy to be led by an Authentic Leader …. $ The People’s Choice is no other else than PRRD… Let him drive the car as we passengers are safe & sound. Trust him as you trust yourself & cooperate for BETTER PHILIPPINES

  3. Having experienced living under Martial Law i found nothing wrong with it if you are a law abiding citizen but as being said if you are Power Greed , drug lord and corrupt you wont like it ! Now we have a President whom we can trust so we just wait and see whats the next with our support and cooperation and why warn us for the return of Marcos? Pres.Ferdinand Marcos is the best president who made our country great which until now we are still benefited by those and actually he won also in the snapped election but only we lost that great leader because of cory with the support of those who were also greedy of power the same of what happened to BBM if not cheated really he is our vice president now but time will come that he will be there the most awaited time of all who voted BBM and with PRRD and BBM our country will be great again !

  4. Philippines will be a peaceful country without Aquino..LP …CBCP and elites who are always opposing our elected president…We are paying salaries for those useless senators and congressmen who did nothing but to oppose the president.. we taxpayers are .wasting our money paying for their salary for nothing…they are not working to help this country and the people.
    They are only working to try to get back the power from malacanang..they are disgusting.. .

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