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Suspicion against Robredo Surges as Macalintal Blocks Bongbong Marcos’ Election Recount


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores


Atty. Vic Rodriguez of the Marcos Camp already stated that delay is the name of Robredo’s game. The legal team of Vice President Leni Robredo resorts to delaying tactics as their lawyers particularly Atty. Romulo Macalintal subsequently questions Bongbong Marcos’ courses of actions to prevent the election recount from happening immediately. Radio commentator, Erwin Tulfo recently blasted Robredo asking why block the recount if she is sure of her win?


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Why Delay?

Bongbong Marcos’ spokesperson said: “If Robredo has nothing to hide, why resort to all these delaying tactics? It’s not enough that her camp cheated their way to the vice presidency. Now they want to cheat again by depriving Senator Marcos of his day in court. We want the truth to come out. That’s all.”

Afraid of the Truth

Atty. Rodriguez added: “Their actuation on the protest has been consistent: They are afraid of the truth because it would reveal how much they tarnished and debased the true will of the Filipino people in the vice presidential race.” This is unanimous with Tulfo’s call to Robredo. He said, why not just let the recount take its course and judge for herself?

Fraudulent Election

Tulfo explains that if the Liberal Party bets and Robredo really won the 2016 elections, they are the first ones who must be in favor of the recount. He urges them to let the recount of the votes begin immediately to stop speculations against Robredo. This way, they can both move on and public interest will be satisfied.

No Recount, No Trust

The majority of the Filipinos including those who are overseas voters are not convinced that the VP is the legitimate occupant of the 2nd highest public office in the land. This doubt has grown intensively as her lawyers try to question Marcos’ every move just to delay the recount. There’s definitely no closure if the VP continues her dirty tactics.

6 thoughts on “Suspicion against Robredo Surges as Macalintal Blocks Bongbong Marcos’ Election Recount

  1. tama kong to toong nanalo si lugaw ay bakit hinaharang ang mga moves ni bong bong marcos para mabilang ang mga balota at mapatunayang hindi nandaya ,ipabilang na para malaman ng taong bayan.

  2. BBM warn her not to assume the vp position until the result is known so as not to be EMBARRASSED WORLDWIDE if the outcome of the protest will be against her. Now they are WORRIED and keep on delaying the INEVITABLE. The TRUTH will truly HURT THEM ESPECIALLY NOW THAT ANDY’s colleague wants him to take a leave or resign as the comelec is now affected with all his SHENANIGANS. In 2 weeks time we will know if he WILL SOON FACE IMPEACHMENT. I CAN’T JUST WAIT TO TELL THE FVP … I TOLD YOU SO! THAT SHE HAS BEEN COMPLICIT AFTER ALL THE DENIALS!

  3. Its a big emmbarasing event ln the part of Leny Robredo nagpagamit siya sa mga kasamang dilaw eh di she has to accept the consequence and voluntarily turn over the vice presidency to the real winner and that is My idol VICE PRESIDENT BOMBONG ROMUALDEZ MARCOS MABUHAY ANG MARCOS FAMILY AND LOYALIST LALABAN TAYO TUNGO SA KATOTOHANAN SO VICE PRES SHOW AND PROVE YOUR WORTH TO THE FILIPINO PEOPLE GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES SAVE AND BE A NON CORRUPT GOVT OFFICIAL TO GOD BE THE GLORY AMEN….AMEN⛪⛪⛪⛪⛪⛪

  4. Ginagawang tanga at bobo ni LeniFraudredo ang taumbayan. I wish for the PET to put a stop on these delaying tactics of the FAKE VP and proceed with the recount. It is obvious that the PET is very lenient to her!BE FAIR!

  5. I believe n para mawala ang pagdududa sa pagkapanalo ni MRS. ROBREDO ay dapat siya at ang kampo nya ang magmadalu sa recount para matapos n ang lahat ng ito. Kung talagang nanalo si mrs robredo sa.malinis na paraan ay igagalang ng dambayanang pilipino ang resulta at ito ay magbibigay daan para mulinganumbalik ang tiwala ng mga botante sa kaniya at sa kanyang partido. Ngunit sa ginagawang DELAYING TACTICS NG KANIYANG KAMPO AY LALONG NAGPPATIBAY NA MAY DAYAANG NANGYARI NOONG NAKARAANG ELEKSYON SA PAGKA PANGALAWANG PANGULO. KUNG WALA PO KAYONG IKINATATAKOT BAKIT PO KAYLANGANG HARANGIN NYO PO ANG RECOUNT AT KUNG ANU ANONG TECHNICALITIES P ANG SINASABI NYO AT INIHAHAIN S PET?

  6. stop delaying the recount of the election fair and be honest once and for all.we are not going anywhere and we still pursue the recount as long as it takes.BBM is the winner and he is our VP of the Philippines period.

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