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Bongbong Marcos Doesn’t Mind: Uson’s DSWD Online Survey that Robredo Tops is a Peace Offering


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

ASec Mocha Uson is a known critic of Vice President Leni Robredo. She surprises her by including Robredo in the online survey for possible DSWD Secretary choice. Eventually, she tops the poll and Bongbong Marcos who is for unity seems to not mind despite his ongoing protest against the VP. Palace Spokesperson Ernesto Abella thinks that this is difficult. He, however, trusts that the President has his way of doing things.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: VP Robredo, binisita ang ilang lumikas mula sa Marawi City

Public Gratitude

Vice President Leni Robredo expresses her gratitude to the public after she tops an online survey on the next social welfare secretary. Her critic, Mocha Uson, a blogger and assistant communications secretary of the Du30 administration initiates it. Robredo said that she was surprised that Uson included her among the choices. The VP should know that ASec Uson is now a government employee like her and in that instance, both should act as public servants and not as the campaigners for their party. This can be taken as a peace offering from Uson to Robredo.

Voters’ Trust

“First of all, I was surprised because my name was included. I also thank Asec. Mocha for believing in our ability to handle the position,” the Vice President said. She is also grateful to those who showed their trust by voting for her. Robredo tops the online survey through Uson’s Twitter account. It garners 81 percent of the votes. Uson initiates the poll after the decision of the Commission on Appointments to reject Judy Taguiwalo as head the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Top Choices

Vice President Leni Robredo, Social Welfare Assistant Secretary Lorraine Badoy, and former Tarlac Representative Monica Teodoro-Prieto are included in the list of people who might replace Taguiwalo. Uson’s survey showed that Robredo is taking a wide lead against the Badoy and Prieto.

Not Saying NO to Robredo

Abella downplays the online poll. He said that the President has his own ways of picking the next DSWD chief. “I’m sure the President has the other ways of measuring a candidate’s capability, aside from surveys. It means that the President has a different set of categories,” he clarified. It seemed to be a “difficult choice.” “Perhaps, there may be conditionalities that may not be too favorable regarding that if it happens. I don’t know. It all depends on the President.” “I mean, I’m not saying no for Leni, I’m saying that it seems to be a difficult choice,” he added.

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Robredo Leads DSWD Poll Survey but NOT Ideal as Bongbong Marcos’ Protest Continues


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

VP Leni Robredo is one of the possible replacements of former social welfare secretary Judy Taguiwalo. This is after Palace Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson includes her name in a Twitter poll. Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said that while he does not reject the idea that the VP can become the next social welfare secretary. However, Abella notes that the Political climate may not make her an ideal candidate. That can be right considering that Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against her is still ongoing.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Umalma ang Malacañang sa komento ni Vice-President Leni Robredo na mabagal ang aksyon sa mga nasalanta ng bagyong “Nina,” at sinabing siya’y namumulitika. Sagot naman ni VP Leni, “nag-overreact” ang Palasyo.

Leads Twitter Poll

Robredo leads in the poll by ASEC Uson. She is ahead of DSWD Asst. Sec. Lorraine Badoy and Nikki Teodoro, wife of former Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro Jr. It can be recalled that the VP was criticized when a typhoon strikes the Bicol region while was in America. Bongbong Marcos even visited her hometown that she appreciated later on. This is because they need all help that they can get, according to her.

Friction with the Palace

The palace was also irked when she observed that the relief goods were slow when she visited one Barangay during Typhoon Nina. The spokesperson said that she should have checked how the government officials particularly the DSWD worked so hard for the job.

Likely Leader in a Rebel

Since the VP is fond of visiting disaster areas as per her photo opportunity press releases, it can be a good idea to let her show that she can do better. It is also noted that she had a previous rift with the rejected DSWD chief Taguiwalo in the past.

Political Climate

It is also understandable that the palace cannot reckon to name Robredo as DSWD Secretary because she likes to criticize the Du30 administration. Perhaps, it is difficult to work on the same page with someone who has the rebellious nature. Besides, she has the electoral protest to concentrate on especially now that she has not paid the remaining tranche of her counter protest against Bongbong Marcos.

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Marcos’ Unli Military Rule Law or Hontiveros’ Fake Martial Law?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

There’s no such thing as “indefinite” martial law in the Constitution, said Sen. Risa Hontiveros on Monday. President Du30 threatens to implement Marcos-like military rule if the Supreme Court decides to rule against his martial law declaration. Social media tags her comment as “unli” and her actions “fake” as per the current trend on the “rice” issues.

Youtube video by; UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: Senator Risa Hontiveros justifies her opposition to Mindanao martial law and her call for a joint session to deliberate on President Du30’s declaration.

Indefinite Military Rule

The Commander-in-Chief obeys the Supreme Court whatever the verdict may be. However, if he has to order a second martial law to resolve conflict Marawi City, he is ready to do a “Marcos copycat.” It, of course, alarms Hontiveros, a noted anti-Marcos politician. “There’s no ‘unli’ (unlimited) martial law,” the senator said.

Supreme Court Compliance

The President said that he is willing to let the military withdraw from Marawi City if the Supreme Court rules that “there is no factual basis” for him to place Mindanao under the martial rule. But there is surely a consequence of that action of his. It’s his job to save the country like Marcos did.

LP Trauma

Malacañang assures the public that the President does not mean human rights abuses on his “Marcos copycat” statement. Palace spokesman Ernesto Abella said this in a press Conference to clarify the Du30’s choice of words that brings back the LP’s trauma.

Unli or Fake?

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana attests that he and National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr. recommended martial law in Mindanao Cabinet meetings. This is a similar scenario with then Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile’s suggestion to the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Therefore, Hontiveros’ authoritarianism accusation to Marcos is fake.

No ‘unli’ martial law – Hontiveros

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VP’s Patience is Unlike Binay: Duterte Doesn’t Hate Robredo – Just Don’t want to See Her


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Under the previous administration, Vice President Jejomar Binay attends every Rizal Day ceremony during Aquino’s years in power, even leading the rites alongside Pnoy. He had many disagreements to the administration’s moves – but kept the relationship as professional as possible. He is always present in various official gatherings of the Aquino administration. Binay kept this up even when he was openly anti-administration and had left Aquino’s Cabinet.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: President Duterte from the start is already uncomfortable with V.P. Robredo after Pastor Boy Saycon confirmed the election fraud to him based on gathered evidence – but for the sake of unity, he gave into Ramos’ request to give her a chance.

Prerogative of the Palace

Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella commented: “It is a prerogative of the Palace to invite those who they feel is needed to be there.” In things like this, there are no social rules that can dictate the president what to do with his detractors in elected posts. This depends largely on the character of the concerned official. Binay was too humble to be a threat in Pnoy’s presence. Robredo is seen as someone who is good on the front but backbites after the event. So, why bother?

Irreconcilable Differences

The President clarifies that there’s no fight between him and his Vice President. They just have irreconcilable differences. Robredo might be denying her joining or organizing protests against the President’s decisions in various matters but her being vocal in her beliefs that make the top leader look bad is not acceptable to any bosses.

No More V.P. in Official Gatherings?

The president is a very forgiving person. He displayed that attribute with the media. Earlier there was a total ban on his live appearances or broadcasts. However, that changes in time and almost back to normal now. Robredo should not have shown her pride when she immediately resigns. She should have given it time. After all, Duterte did not ask her to leave his cabinet post. Perhaps when she proves that she is on her best behavior, no doubt the president will consider inviting her again.

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No False Pretenses

President Duterte is such a direct person to play false pretenses with V.P. Robredo. If he is not pleased with you, he shows it. Robredo needs Binays’ patience and humility right now to survive longer. Another session with the good former Vice President Jojo Binay will definitely give her more wisdom for her situation right now.

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Excuse my French? Get Ready for Bisaya: Abella’s Defense on Duterte’s “Killing” Talk Style

President Duterte

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

If the western world has the term “excuse my French” when swearing, the international community should now understand the native Visayan ways of talking called “Bisaya” in colloquial terms in the Philippines.

Youtube video by; OPLAN TOKHANG
[VIDEO]: Spokesman Ernesto Abella defends Pres.Duterte interview by Mehdi Hasan British political journalist- Abella Defends Duterte.

President Duterte’s Style

In Bisaya, firm and intimate language to emphasize an issue often includes the term “patyon teka ron” – which means “I will kill you.” However, that does not mean literally. In the Visayas. If one Bisaya really wants to kill another person like in ancient times, he is not telling anyone about it. If one announces that he will kill so and so, he is warning the public to comply or else the law will be upon them.

Media should See where Duterte is coming From

President is misjudged in not tolerating delays in implementing the laws of the land. He might swear a lot but as a lawyer and a public servant, he knows the right from wrong. It is also about time that the nationalistic spirit is again enhanced. The colonial mentality of the Filipinos are not helping in making the country better than it should be. This leads other nations to look down on them.

Philippines is a Sovereign Country

Other nations should understand that Philippines is a sovereign country. It is free to implement rules that are right for the country. Regardless of whether the international community who have no idea what’s going on inside the nation understand them. The Filipinos together with the President are not depending on aids from other countries. We have brilliant work force, vast natural resources, and the management supported by the majority at the present time.

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Stop Criticizing the President of the Philippines

If it’s world peace that Duterte’s critics are after, The should come to terms with the President as mandated by the people. Despite surveys showing that people are pro-Americans, most of them are more on pro-Duterte. Meaning to say that whatever the president decides on, he has the public support.