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The Oldest American President Starts while Duterte Wishes for a Successor

American President

By: Elena Grace Flores
Balitang Bayan

President Duterte wishes successor to continue his anti-corruption drive.

The American President Starts as Duterte Fights Corruption

On the inauguration of the American President, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte appreciates Citra Central Expressway Corp. and San Miguel Holdings. They made possible the opening of the 19-kilometer segment of the Skyway. It runs from Buendia in Makati to the North Luzon Expressway. He said that corruption might be difficult to beat but trusts that the next president would continue his anti-corruption campaign.

The Next Philippine President

Duterte also assures the public that his administration would continue to pursue its Build, Build, Build program. This follows the blueprint of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. His son and namesake Bongbong Marcos is a favorable bet for his successor in the 2022 elections. The rumor has it that he would run with Duterte’s daughter. However, Senator Bong Go’s name also floats as a trusted ally of the Filipino leader.

Not Afraid of the Oligarch

Like former President Marcos, Duterte is not afraid of the oligarch. He prioritizes projects for the welfare of the majority. The President admits that sometimes, government agencies have no choice but to embrace corruption. Just to realize the fulfillment of such projects. However, the important thing is to finish thes infrastructure projects to be useful for the public. Thus enhancing the country’s economic growth. As per the music “My Way” as the former American President leaves, Duterte did it his way!

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Bongbong Marcos as Vice President can Clear Out ICC, Local, and Foreign Threats against Du30


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The new Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque is the only Philippine lawyer allowed to practice law at the ICC as a human rights crusader. He hopes to be able to advise the President directly regarding the manner and methods for the drug war. The international case against Du30 is the last straw of the opposition to take him down. Meanwhile, on foreign relations, the US President decides to extend his trip to Asia, a day more in the Philippines to coincide with the East Asia regional summit. He warns China anew that “warrior nation” Japan could take matters into its own hands if the threat posed by North Korea is not addressed. Du30’s strategies with the US, China, and Japan are obviously working but his detractors can’t settle with that not until Bongbong Marcos wins the electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo soon.

Youtube video by; janean calabria

[VIDEO]: Compilation of Bongbong Marcos-Du30 cooperation.

ICC as Last Resort

Roque said that the ICC is the “court of last resort,” and that there is no evidence that proves Du30 ordered killings to be carried out by the so-called Davao Death Squad (DDS). The case pertains to the alleged violations during his stint as Davao City mayor. The ICC will only exercise jurisdiction “if local courts are unwilling or unable to do so.” Parties have to show that a case filed in the Philippines did not succeed before it can go to the ICC, Roque added.

Not Missing the East Asian Summit

Trump left Joint Base Andrews and is bound for Hawaii. From there he will travel on to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. The American President unleashes a barrage of invective comments against political foes. This even includes his own Justice Department, which is investigating his campaign’s ties to Russia. He also announces during departure that the marathon trip is extended to include an East Asia Summit in the Philippines, which he had been slated to miss.

Japan as Warrior Nation

“Japan is a warrior nation, and I tell China and I tell everyone else that listens, I mean, you’re gonna have yourself a big problem with Japan pretty soon if you allow this to continue with North Korea,” Trump said. President Xi Jinping has been “pretty terrific” on North Korea, and that “China is helping us,” he added. The Chinese leader chides from Trump for failing to rein in Kim. China implements tougher UN sanctions against North Korea instead. That warms up Xi’s relationship with the US leader. North Korea in July launched two intercontinental ballistic missiles apparently capable of reaching the US mainland, according to its leader Kim Jong-Un as a gift to “American bastards.”

Bongbong Marcos’ Take

Bongbong Marcos clearly said that Du30’s enemies would only stop attacking the President when he becomes Vice President. He added that those who are against the Filipino leader cannot bear him having to replace Du30 as President. it is not a secret that there is some kind of Du30-Marcos understanding even before the election 2016. In fact, most of the President’s controversial but effective moves follow the principles of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. The people are anxiously waiting for the recount date from the Supreme Court.

Trump warns China Japan could take action on NKorea