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Not Just Business Services: RAFI’s Kool Adventure Camp is Purpose Driven

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By: Elena Grace Flores

Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. or RAFI may have stepped on a gold mine with their 10-hectare Kool Adventure Camp. It has a winning concept as  the first and only fully dedicated Adventure Education Center in the Philippines.  Most guests could only wonder if it is also open to family or leisure adventurers. However,  the facility is not built as a holiday resort or business services only. It is purpose driven – and that is to nurture lives at various levels.

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Overcoming Conflicts in the Team at Kool Adventure Camp

Team Building activities at RAFI’s Kool Adventure Camp always serve a purpose.  Team building activities can patch up coworkers with conflicts. Challenging structures and exercises are overwhelming but two priorities must be considered. First is the safety and next is learning. One activity may not progress if its initial  purpose is not met. People in conflict must find a way to resolve their issues to be successful in the challenge. The initiative wall is breathtaking. How could you possibly climb a wall without anything to hold or step into except the help and support of your team? Indeed a very effective exercise to get rid of crab mentality!

Safety Comes First at RAFI’s Kool Adventure Camp Not Business Services

Training Team Lead Leo Urpiana clarifies the safety precaution and certification of the Kool Adventure Camp’s activities. Safety is the ultimate priority. It does not incorporate safety into the procedures only. It’s programs, staff, and facilities are compliant with policies,  protocols, and they adhere to international standards and practices for such a learning center. The camp also follows the local operating procedure, risk assessment and management from its programming design to the participants. Health checks are surveyed and monitored to see if one is fit to join an adventure course. First Aid and basic life support are ready with trained medical practitioners manning their in-house clinic.

Tinikling Challenge for Generation Z at RAFI’s Kool Adventure

RAFI’s Training Team Lead Leo Urpiana explains how to overcome the challenges that the Generation Z faces through adventure exercises. The challenge ropes course program allows young people to build their self esteem with the support of their peers. Once they know the feeling of endurance, it will be addictive. That inspires them not to quit in the middle of a difficulty. Besides, the assessor can customize a program to meet the training needs of its clients. It features 28 challenge ropes course elements divided in four clusters. Only one of these rope challenges has a Filipino name – Tinikling as it requires the adventurer to traverse like in the Tinikling dance to stay on the hanging rope.

Team Building Activities at RAFI’s Kool Adventure Camp

Urpiana explains the benefits of various team building activities at the Camp. Aside from challenges for corporate people, it also offers a teamwork program for couples. They must learn to work together and practice the art of giving and taking to balance things out. Afterall, the success of any relationship and even life in general is in the balance.

RAFI’s What is Life to Offer Me

Discovering passion during or for retirement at the Kool Adventure Camp fascinates most people. Embracing life-changing experiences in the Camp certainly develops ordinary people into spirited leaders regardless of age. Older individuals might be asking what is there more in life to offer them. Then, come to the realization that they are needed in their field of expertise once they regain the reason for their existence that made them last until the present time.

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