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Bongbong Marcos: Take Advantage of Globalization, Don’t Suffer from It


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos once said: Internet is not just for social media, it’s crucial for business. It is not only for kids on Facebook and Twitter. The amount of commerce it generates now surpasses traditional trades five years ago. The former Senator explained this while he is on a hot seat even before the President expresses his worry about the negative effects of globalization on 3rd world countries like the Philippines.

Youtube video by; Manila Bulletin Online

[VIDEO]: Manila Bulletin’s Hot Seat with Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr.

Reversing the Negative Effects of Globalization

President Rodrigo Du30 laments on the damage caused by globalization on poor economies such as the Philippines and urged Asian countries to take remedial steps to end their exploitation. To reverse the brain drain, he stresses on the need for “remedial measures.” This should be tackled by other Asian countries, he added.

Economic Migration

“Globalization, by itself, is the deprivation of some, those that we call ‘left behind’. There have to be some remedial measures. It includes one democratic movement. Some of the bright boys in one country are really exploited to go to another country,” the President said.


Foreign Remittances

More than 10 million Filipinos work overseas, around 10 percent of the population, remit billions of dollars back to the country each year. “All the plumbers, all the electricians, they have the masters certificate of a trade, are in the Middle East. It is actually not so bad for the nation’s economy. The downside is when a there’s a boom in real estate. It has yet to find the capable workers. And that leaves us behind because then you have to scrape the bottom to find out who can work with us. These are the effects of globalization,” Du30 said.

Take Advantage of Globalization

Globalization and the rules of trade are hot topics in Vietnam this week. It is where world leaders including the US President, China’s Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin are set to converge from Friday for the APEC summit. The American leader also complained that globalization sends American manufacturing jobs to cheaper countries such as China. This is in spite of his country’s first world status. As these exchanges happen, Bongbong Marcos was right that the talents of Filipinos are rewarded through online jobs. Almost all office tasks can be outsourced to the Philippines through the BPO industries. The Call Center sector also continues to grow. English trainers and business consultants are also surging high. Most of all, Google that has the online trade monopoly rely on Filipino writers, website developers, and video makers to further expand the number of their advertising platforms.

Globalization hurts poor economies

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Economic Survey Sample

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
ECONOMIC SURVEY for Casimiro Village Phase 3 Multipurpose Cooperative


a.    Proposed Name: Casimiro Village Phase 3 Multi-Purpose Cooperative (CV3MC)
b.    Type of Cooperative: Multi-purpose Cooperative
c.    Field of Membership: Residential/members are residing or working in Casimiro Village Phase 3
d.    Address of Cooperative: Block 1, Lot 10, Macopa St., Casimiro Village Phase 3, BF International, Las Pinas City
e.    No. of Original Member: 20 Cooperators
f.    Projected Increase in Membership for the:

1st Year : Additional 10 members
2nd Year: Additional 10 members
3rd Year: Additional 20 members


A.    General Purpose:
1.    Generate funding to invest in service facilities for the members’ quality of life
2.    Manage these service facilities to sustain the upgraded lifestyle of the village

B.    Secondary Purposes:
1.    Offer a credit facility to Casimiro Village Phase 3 Homeowners through CV3 Homeowners Association to fund future special projects that would allow progressive living to the community especially those who are financially burdened.
2.    Coordinate with the government for joint projects that would provide or promote safety, good health, security and prosperity to the general community

C.    Proposed Business Activities (State goods/products/services to be offered by the proposed cooperative:
1.    Generation of Funds
2.    Pay Parking Facilities
3.    Improve Basket Ball Court or construct a Covered Court for sports and other activities
4.    Club House Facility and Amenities (party, seminar or meeting venues)


a.    Are there any other entities (such as cooperatives) within your proposed area that offer the same goods/services offered by your proposed cooperative?  If so, state how many and what is the total volume of business they generate.

There’s no other cooperative in the village or nearby that is helping CV3. There’s shortage in the pay parking areas in the community that creates friction among neighbors. There’s no such facility yet that ever existed inside the village aside from the one reserved for. Most drivers just park at public places at first come first served basis which is also causing an eye sore to the community. Repair of public areas like roads and walls were funded by some of the homeowners because others can’t afford or not willing. Therefore the need to make investments for this purpose so that all homeowners can benefit from the public facilities and the contributors will not be forever burdened.

b.    How many employees and where will the cooperative get the personnel required to administer business operation of the cooperative
The General Manager, treasurer and secretary will render voluntary services without compensation. 2 parking/collection staff are needed in a shifting basis for one parking facility – unemployed or out of school youth above the age of 21 in nearby CAA community can fill in these posts

c.    What machineries/equipment will be required for the business operation of the cooperative?

1.    CCTV for Security

d.    Do the officers/employees/members need any special training for the business operations of the cooperative? If so, what?
1. Customer Service Training

2. Understanding the Cooperative System Training

e.     Given the present situation in your proposed area, explain how the proposed cooperative will succeed in its operations.
The great need for the planned facilities is already there. The existence of the cooperative that will be funding and managing these projects will be more efficient when its legally recognized. Investments can be officially recorded and credited to worthy investors in due time thus protecting the interests of both officers and contributors.


a.    Where and how will the cooperative obtain its operating capital?  State whether contributions/loans/donations/grants.
Capital will be contributed by the members but a developer who is also a member will initially fund the major construction plans on a revenue – sharing basis. Capital is mainly from contributions.
b.    How much may the cooperative earn during the first year of business operation? Projected gross revenue is 30,000 Pesos per month. Operational expenses will be at 15,000 Pesos per month. 30% of the projected 15,000 Pesos net revenue per month:  22,500 Pesos for the first year (5 months only until Dec 2014). The 70% of the net revenue will be returned to the financer.
c.    In its second Year? 54,000 Pesos
d.    Third Year? 108,000 Pesos (doubled ifor the 2 phases of parking facilities)
e.    How much will the Cooperative require for its operating expenses in the First Year?
First Year?    _______15,000 Pesos per month X   5 =     Php 75000
Second Year?    _______15,000 Pesos per month X 12 =     Php 180,000
Third Year?    _______20,000 Pesos per month X 12 =     Php 240,000
f.    Does the Cooperative intend to have capital investment?  If so, state what capital investments and when such will be realized.

Capital investment will be needed for the 2nd phase of the pay parking facility. The cooperative will come up with 200,000 Pesos worth of investment for the bigger pay parking facility near the Club House area. This will be contributed by the members with some financial assistance from the member-developer.


a.    Who will be designated to manage the day-to-day operations of the Cooperative?
The General Manager will be on top of the day to day management operations of the Cooperative together with the Treasurer and Secretary.
b.    Will the members be required to deposit their services with the cooperative?
No but they are required to attend meetings, vote for future directions and participate in community activities.
c.    How many persons will comprise the Board of Directors of the Cooperative?
5 active directors and total of 20 cooperators
d.    What will be the role of the Board of Directors?
Conceptualize policies and evaluate their implementation.
e.    Will the cooperative have an Audit Committee?    __ YES
f.    Will the Cooperative have a Credit Committee?    __ YES
g.    Will the Cooperative hire an Accountant/Bookkeeper?__ NO, a relative of a member who is an accountant volunteered to do it without cost
•    Name of Accountant/ Bookkeeper
Epitacia A. Alvarez
h.    What will be the proposed compensation of the following?

(1)  Manager        ____ Volunteer work with no compensation
(2)  Accountant    ____ Volunteer work with no compensation
(3)  Clerks        ____ The Treasurer and Secretary will handle clerical works
with no compensation
(4)  Others        ____ Transport, meals and miscellaneous expenses on official business will be reimbursed by the cooperative.

SUBMITTED BY:  Elena Grace Flores
POSITION:         Secretary

Remember that this is only a guideline; you may add, revise or omit items that are not applicable to your proposed cooperative.  The CDA reserve the right to conduct an investigation into the proposed operations of the Cooperative.  There is no need to submit project Financial Statements and Cash flow for three years.

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Notice for Delinquent Payers

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Homeowners’ Association Dues are not easy to collect if there’s no disciplinary actions in place. People have different mentalities and attitudes thus needing a stronger management authority. This will not be possible if  the officers of the association have no financial capabilities or know-how in imposing penalties. Here’s a sample for such notice for delinquent payers:


Dear ___________________,

Regretting to inform you that despite our treasurer’s efforts in reminding you to pay your Association monthly dues on time and the submission of previous collection letter, you remained to be a DELINQUENT payer in our village all this time. TAKE NOTICE that according to our records the sum of ______________ is overdue for payment from ___________ to ___________ at ____ Pesos only per month.  Unless payment is made to the above claim within seven days, DISCPLINARY actions to recover the debts will be taken against you without further notice. The following legal procedure will follow:

  1. Publishing of Names for DELINQUENT PAYERS online via our web page will take effect immediately when this notice is ignored after the 7th day from date of notice
  2. Posting of Names for DELINQUENT PAYERS will be displayed at the village’s entrance one month after the web listing
  3. Issuance of Final Demand Letter for the amount owed, interest and mall Claims Fee
  4. Small Claims Court Proceedings will be filed in the Justice Department, Municipal Hall before the next Fiscal Year (this will affect your credit rating when ignored)

Please note that cleanliness, security and orderliness are our main objectives in requiring homeowners to pay their dues promptly – and it is necessary to take these actions as lawfully as possible to be fair to those who do!

You may submit a “Promissory Note” if financial difficulties are hindering you from fulfilling your obligations to our community.

Sincerely yours,

The above proceedings are necessary to be fair to those who comply with the HOA’s policies. If the concerned delinquent payer play it hard in the end, it’s his or her reputation that is on the line. Aside from lowering down his or her credit rating, this can be a proof that he or she is an undesirable neighbor that can be a ground for general petition for eviction – at the same time, these steps are not only legally binding but also very considerate to those who have temporary financial difficulties. This is how the association can be strict for the welfare of the community but with compassion to those who need it!

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Love is an Open Door Mimicked by Real-life Kids

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Princess Anna and the so-called Mr. Nice’s Love is an Open Door duet in Disney’s Frozen was one of the most spectacular parts of this popular movie. You will be convinced that the couple is really in love after meeting that day. However, if you watch the whole movie, you will realize that people with bad intentions can always act efficiently:

Love is an Open Door – in Real Life (Frozen Cover )

Posted at Youtube by: Workingwith Lemons

Regardless of the ability to pretend as projected in the story, the performers featured in this video are no doubt enjoying mimicking this important part of the film. They look somewhat familiar to those people who have watch Frozen. Definitely a good activity for children interested to enter the entertainment industry! Well done.

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Smart Business brought by Internet of Things

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The prediction that 212 billion things will be connected in 2020 to deliver the $8.9 trillion industry market will put Smart Business powered by the Internet of Things as one of the major industries in the world. We are done with accepting systematic machineries or tools that are proven effective and helpful to us in coping for the fast-phased lifestyle. Home appliances, automotives and many more are now very advanced but their innovation does not stop there.

The Internet of Things aims to develop innovative products in less time, no resources wasted and no room for damages. This will place smart business in a very strategic spot – where inventions will not only be tools but solutions for expensive cost of living. They will also detect dangerous circumstances before they actually happen – making this world a better place to be.

The two platforms of IoT are geared towards enterprise for running industries and to consumers for the best service ever – using systems connected by the internet and accessible through the cloud. It is expected that countries embracing the change early on will benefit in this global economy progress by 2025. Take note that this is not all about getting a sophisticated form of internet provider. This is a mindset that must be incorporated from the educational sector – to make it easier for the public to understand what are in store for the industries and work front in general.

Being connected is not only the crucial thing in running a smart business. Having the kind of infrastructure that supports the development of this sector to create sustainable jobs is actually the most important thing. Therefore, before smart things can talk to each other, let’s go back to school and see if we are making our future experts fully equipped with the knowledge on how to develop strategic business enterprise using Internet of Things.

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