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Did Imelda Marcos Claim to Save Ninoy Aquino from Assassination or Not?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Juan Estoryador
[VIDEO]: The secret of Ninoy Aquino’s death

Imelda Marcos’ Claim

Former First Lady Imelda Marcos was the one who saved Ninoy Aquino from execution over his sedition case. Her claim was confirmed by Aquino himself. He thanked her for helping him be treated in the US instead of the Heart Center.

News Propaganda

It was in the international news that Mrs. Marcos warned Aquino not to come back to the Philippines after his operation because his life is in danger at the hands of the Marcos loyalists. Marcos disputed this claim. Saying that it’s all news propaganda by their detractors. Although she did try to convince him not to go back at that time. But it has nothing to do with their supporters.

The Good-Hearted One

The mother of the president-elect Bongbong Marcos is really the good-hearted one. Aquino wanted to die a hero by returning despite his limited life due to heart problems. She tried to stop him to save his life. But his widow at that time, Cory Aquino did not allow the late President Ferdinand Marcos to return to explain about the alleged hidden wealth.

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Bongbong Marcos Reputes Claim of Biased Media with their Side of the Story


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos: Home is in the Philippines

Bongbong Marcos’ Claim

Bongbong Marcos’claim in an interview goes like this. His parents were not allowed to leave O’ahu island. This was during their exile in Hawaii. The US has made many accusations against them. These became black media propaganda. Despite the Americans not having jurisdiction with their cases. So, he vows to do all he can to change this.

Making Philippines Better

The young Marcos then can see the sufferings of the Filipinos. The country did not improve at all after the Edsa mutiny. Besides, it was not the majority in a revolution. Marcos said that they left because they did not want people to get hurt.

Made from Malacanang

Now, a movie “made from Malacanang” will tell their side of their story. This is their way of showing the truth that they know. Marcos encourage Filipinos exercise their rights and political will. They must make their life better, easy and, correct. He trusts that his countrymen will do the right thing.

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Look How Quickly they can Turn Around from their Negative Claim against PBBM


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Are they turning around in PBBM’s favor?

Turning Around from Claim

Retired Associate Justice Antonio Carpio welcomes the claim of President-elect Bongbong Marcos. This is on the territorial dispute with China. He would assert the Philippines’ rights over the West Philippine Sea. Then, talks to China consistently with a firm voice. Carpio said that it’s a total turnaround.

A Vlogger’s Criticisms

However, a vlogger said that it was Carpio who turned around 360 degrees. From being a negative campaigner against PBBM to someone who makes a nice claim about the new Filipino leader.

Karen Davila’s Strategic Change

Even Senator Imee Marcos notices that Karen Davila is still in the Philippines. When she said that if Bongbong Marcos wins, she might as well live in the US. But Davila said the the election is over. It’s time to unite and the senator agrees. But former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile warns them to be careful in dealing with personalities like Carpio and Davila.

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BBM Agrees with the Kakampinks’ Pink Color Claim


By: Elena Grace Flores

One News PH

The Kakampinks’ Pink Color Claim

The Kakampinks claim that real men wear pink. This is an old-time saying and BBM agrees with it. In fact, he wears it often. Not to prove his masculinity, of course. But it suits his skin stone.

The Origin of the Name BBM

The abbreviation of his name originated from the times he was in office. He’s always called BBM or SBBM during senatorial days. When asked about what he possibly got from his mother, he answered none. He denies having any fondness in collecting shoes or any luxurious artworks.

Campaign Incidents

Bongbong Marcos cannot deny that he’s been hurt in campaigns. His arm was pinched pulled and twisted. He also lost weight during the hectic series of campaigns. But he swears to complete the 90-day period rather than attending debates or interviews. Most of the programs he was in were well-selected.

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BBM & Sara can Claim 2 Million More Votes from the INC


By: Elena Grace Flores

Ilocano Ako
[VIDEO]: The signs of the INC’s choices for the elections 2022

Can Claim 2 Million Votes

It is said that the INC votes are 3% of the overall national returns. So, if the country has more or less 57 million registered voters, the INC votes are more or less 2 million votes. BBM and Sara can easily claim this or whoever can get the INC’s endorsement. However, there are signs that Iglesia ni Cristo will endorse the Uniteam according to their belief.

Aspirants who Try to Get INC’s Support

Despite the wide lead, BBM and Sara still seek the INC’s endorsement. This is followed by Ping Lacson, Leni Robredo, and Manny Pacquiao. However, only the Uniteam got the nod for their campaign launch at the INC’s Philippine Arena.

INC’s 2016 Claim

THE INC’s teaching revolves around unity. This is the reason for the block voting. Therefore, many members claimed that their votes were not counted in 2016. Some of the precincts in Mindanao where the INC churches existed had 0 votes for Bongbong Marcos. This was very impossible as per their doctrine. This was one of the reasons why Marcos filed an electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo.

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Richard Gomez: To Claim a Role in a Movie and to be a Leader are Two Different Things


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7
[VIDEO]: Gomez on endorsing Bongbong Marcos: He’s the most qualified to run PH given local gov’t experience

Richard Gomez Claims that BBM is the Most Qualified

The rising costs of fuel made Mayor Richard Gomez to refrain from having caravans in the city. He endorses the BBM-Sara Uniteam. He claimed that BBM is the most qualified presidential candidate. His local experience would make him a good leader for the country.

Playing a Role

Gomez said that to claim a role and to run a city are two different things. Bongbong Marcos is a favorite in the Leyte area. The San Juanico Bridge and the Geothermal Power Plan were built during the administration of his father. So, they take pride that until now, it is still servicing Manila.

One of the Safest Cities

Despite not having heavy campaigning, mayor Gomez is confident that he would win because of his performance. Ormoc is now one of the safest cities in the country. No doubt about BBM and Sara as well. They can easily claim victory after the election. There would soon be a new government leading the country to the real big change towards progress, he stressed.

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Publicus Asia: BBM Can Easily Claim a 20 M Lead against Robredo


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: BBM has more than 20 M lead against VP Leni Robredo

BBM can Claim 32 M Votes at 56%

BBM’s 56% preference rating can account to more than 35 million votes. Given that there’s a margin of error and some people can’t vote on election day for whatever reason, he still can claim around 32 million votes, according to Publicus Asia Chief Data Scientist, Dr. David Yap. This gives the closest contender a hard time even if they resort to cheating.

Hard to Beat Based on Previous Presidential Surveys

It’s for the first time ever that a presidential candidate gets more than 50 percent preference rate. Family relations and friendships are vital to the choices of Filipinos. This is why Bongbong Marcos is a majority pick. The house-to-house campaign of Robredo’s camp just made her the most hated presidentiable.

People Won’t Believe if Robredo Wins

Even if the 15 million people out of the 65 million legitimate voters can’t vote or will go to Robredo at the last minute, she still can’t win against Marcos. So, if a machine interruption happens like before, the people won’t believe and can accept Robredo’s victory. Certainly, she can’t claim the presidency because that would bring chaos to the country.

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BIR Confirms: Marcos Heirs should not Pay Estate Tax unless they Claim Such Inheritance


By: Elena Grace Flores

Showbiz Fanaticz

[VIDEO]: BIR: Marcos Heirs are not Liable for Estate Tax

Marcos Heirs Did Not Claim Inheritance

According to the consensus among regional directors and district officers of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) nationwide. The Marcos heirs are not liable for the late Ferdinand E. Marcos’ estate tax. They did not claim such properties. The BIR is also not negligent in managing them.

Simplifying the Law

By law, the estate tax is levied on real and personal properties of a dead person and not on the assets owned by his relatives. Therefore, what PCGG did was illegal. The BIR tried to sell the properties that the Marcos heirs did not claim – but there were no takers.

Bidding Ongoing

The BIR is scheduled to rebid 11 properties of the Marcos family in Tacloban City this month. Prior to that, the BIR has already seized several properties of Marcos’ in Metro Manila and elsewhere but there was no bidder when auctioned. This is contrary to the claims of BBM’s detractors.

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BBM to Claim Massive Votes from Tarlac as Local Leader Urges Locals to Move On


By: Elena Grace Flores

LHET’s Talk Vlogs

[VIDEO]: Tarlac is not pink. They are for BBM.

Claim of Massive Votes

Tarlac City Mayor Cristy Angeles said it is “history in the making” that Marcos steps foot in Tarlac. The late Ferdinand Marcos was a tough rival of the city’s icon, Benigno Aquino. Although they were friends, Aquino’s widow replaced Marcos as president in 1986 due to the EDSA revolt. Now, Marcos’ son and namesake seem to claim their votes after getting fed up with the two Aquino administrations.

Filipinos Help Each Other

The Tarlac mayor said to her constituents that it is “time to move on”. She declares her support for the presidential bid of Bongbong Marcos. The rally was held at the Tarlac City Plazuela. It is where the monument of Aquino stood. BBM however is firm with his message of unity. He claims that in times of crises only Filipinos can help Filipinos.

Tarlac is Moving On

Judging from the organic crowd as seen from the actual unedited video of a participant, Tarlac seems to move on already. It is now ready for the new presidency. It just so happens that it may be a Marcos government that can bring a positive change to the city. A claim that remains to be seen.

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BBM’s Foreign Investment Claim is More Real than what Fact-Checkers Say


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7

[VIDEO]: Marcos Jr. claims foreign investors not scared of another Marcos administration

BBM’s Foreign Investment Claim

Bongbong Marcos claims that foreign investors are not scared of another Marcos administration. The late president Ferdinand Marcos had good ties with many countries. In fact, political stability through his unity concept can lure investments in the Philippines.

A Victim of Fake News

BBM claims that he himself is a victim of fake news. He does not propagate them contrary to what his critics claimed. Foreign investors should know how they tainted the reputation of his family for more than 30 years now. Nonetheless, he continues to be popular with people. Because they can still feel the love of his father and mother until now through their projects for the Filipinos. Then investments will flow because of trust.

Some Fact-Checkers have their Own Agenda

These alleged fact-checkers are only fact-checking one side of the story, said BBM. They even fact-check what he said in an interview. For one, he explained that corruption can’t be wiped out because it’s a human condition. But it does not mean that he won’t try to stop it. They only solicit reactions from other presidential aspirants to put spices into the story. Well, foreign investors are smart enough to know that these media are somehow biased. They look more into business incentives and safety for their investment claims.