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US Congress Told to Focus on their Problems and Not on De Lima


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: The US Congress has no right to call on the release of Senator Leila de Lima from prison

The Problem with the US Congress

Former Presidential legal adviser Salvador and ex-Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque criticized the call of the US Congress to release Senator Leila de Lima from prison. DOJ Secretary Crispin “Boying” Remulla still has to read on their request. Remulla is now under character assassination after his son received a parcel of high-grade cannabis. Most Filipinos think that this is a set-up.

Probable Cause

Panelo explains that there’s probable cause in Senator de Lima’s drug cases. That’s why she’s in jail. So, unjust detention is not the case here contrary to what the US Congress said. Under the law, the Senator must face the consequence of her actions according to the legal process.

Do Not Interfere

The criminal justice system of the Philippines is working well. America should focus on its own problems. Discrimination, shooting rage in schools, apartheid, and many more. This is what Attorney Roque said. They cannot interfere with an independent country, he added.

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Rep. Sandro Marcos’ Nuclear Energy Committee Now Approved by Congress


By: Elena Grace Flores

Apong Glenn
[VIDEO]: Palace: ‘Illegal’ reso supposedly authorizing the importation of sugar under probe

Rep. Marcos in Congress

Rep. Sandro Marcos leads the passing of the creation of the nuclear power plant committee in Congress. This is in his capacity as the Senior Deputy Majority Floor Leader. The Ilocos Norte 1st District Representative confidently did his job to the public’s amazement.

People to Enslave Electricity

The people deserve cheap, clean, and reliable energy, said Pangasinan 2nd District Rep. Mark Cojuangco. He’s elected to head the said special committee. Cojuangco is a notable nuclear energy supporter. His passion is very noticeable during his acceptance speech in Congress.

Nuclear Power Plants

The benefits of nuclear power plants may surpass isolated nuclear accidents in the pasts. This has proven for the last 30 years. The Chairman of the Special Committee on Nuclear Committee swears to bring out the truth about this method of generating electricity.

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Sandro Marcos as the House Senior Deputy Majority Leader in the 19th Congress


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Presidential son Sandro Marcos is both a first-time lawmaker and ‘senior’ House leader

Sandro Marcos in the 19th Congress

The anti-Marcos peeps seem to question the majority House for voting Rep. Sandro Marcos as Senior Deputy Majority Leader in the 19th Congress because he’s a first-time lawmaker. He might be the presidential son but his abilities are enormous. Besides, he used to work with Rep. Martin Romualdez who is now the Speaker of the House.

A Personal Nomination

On the other hand, Sandro Marcos was the one who nominates his uncle, Martin Romualdez as speaker of the house. This sounds personal. But in the world of Philippine politics, leaders tend to choose the people they trust. This time is no different than the previous administrations.  Now, Congress can make sure that the majority is solid.

The Winner Takes it All

The Marcoses never interfered with the government in the last 30 years despite the continued attacks against them. Now, it’s their time. President Bongbong Marcos is not only the leader of the more than 31 million Filipinos but all. So, it’s his alliances’ prerogative on how to secure the government. For as long as it’s mandated in the constitution.

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Sandro Marcos in Congress for Ilocos Norte’s First District is a Stepping Stone


By: Elena Grace Flores

Apong Glenn
[VIDEO]: Sandro Marcos’ Victory Speech for Congressman

Sandro Marcos in Congress

Sandro Marcos is in Congress for the first district of Ilocos Norte is the first Marcos to run for the district and won. In his victory speech, he expresses his fear at first when he got only 20 to 30% approval rate in the surveys. However, he’s happy to learn that his enormous efforts in campaigning paid off.

Projects to Do

The eldest son of presumptive president, Bongbong Marcos has many plans lined up for the benefit of his constituents. He’s anxious to start working but urges for the help of everyone to make them successful. As the district’s voice in Congress, the people in Ilocos Norte District 1 are assured that their standard of living can only get better.

Echoing his Father’s Unity Message

Sandro Marcos can’t help but echo his father’s call for unity. This is much needed in the Philippines after a divided election. The younger Marcos believes that there are no difficult tasks. Especially when experts from different political affiliations come together to work as one. So, Filipinos must unite for future progress. This is the stepping stone.

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Can Bongbong Marcos have Majority Votes in Congress when He’s President?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Former first lady Imelda Marcos tried it in Congress before, but can her son do better?

FEM’s Last Will and Testament Congress Hearing

In the 1990s the former first lady Imelda Marcos desperately begged Congress to hear her out about FEM’s last will and testament. She urged them to do their part in prioritizing it for the welfare of the Filipinos. They have to look into the trust fund of her husband through the Marcos foundation. However, she was not successful. Now, at her old age, she just wishes her son, Bongbong Marcos to be president. That way, it’s proceeding can start rolling.

Mrs. Marcos’ Plea to Congress

“The most urgent reason I was looking forward to my coming to this hearing of the Philippine Senate is to seek your help – Honorable Senators – to help me implement the LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of the late President Marcos to enlist assets in the hands of Trustees, to implement the Marcos humanitarian foundation so that we can help the country in our economic crisis and help the Filipino people in their agony and suffering. “ Imelda Marcos during a Senate Hearing in the 90’s at the time of Cory Aquino. THEY IGNORED HER PLEA FOR THE NATION.

Legal Entity – Not Myth

Marcos detractors might say that the wealth for humanity is a myth. However, the late President Marcos already thought about that beforehand. That’s why they are placed in legal entities and can be obtained only through court proceedings. This should serve as a challenge to fact checkers by answering this: Why can’t the Congress face this hearing head on?

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Why are Relatives of Terrorists Allowed to Run for the Congress?


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by OHJAYCEE

Relatives of Terrorists are in the Congress

Comelec Involvement

The death of an NPA member who is the daughter of a congresswoman is proof that relatives of terrorists are in the government. They kill military officers. Cong. Eufemia Campos Cullamat admits that her daughter, Jevilyn is an NPA fighter. Her husband is also in the same organization. But the CHR condemns the trophy photo of the fatality. This goes the same for the opposition. They seem to act like they are on the insurgents’ side. So, while this confuses the public, a press group questions the Comelec’s election guidelines for the Congress.

Double-Faced Partylists

Connivance is more likely between government officials and the terrorists themselves. Imagine ones beloved daughter on the rebels side and the mother on the government’s side. So, speculations that there are double-faced Partylists of this kind in the Congress loomed. They pretend to be one with the government to seek ways to destroy it.

Move to Disqualify Parties with Links to the Underground

The group appeals to the Comelec to possibly disqualify these partylists that have connections underground. This is a violation to the public servants’ code of ethics. Therefore, they must not be allowed to serve both sectors that have contradicting mandates. Nonetheless, parties must not stand as fronts for underground movements. Therefore, Comelec must act quickly if they are not collaborating with them as well.

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President Duterte Ignites the Congress to Marcos Gold but Hangs in the Balance


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Filipino Future

Why the Mahárlika (Philippines) is the Wealthiest Nation in the World Today

Maharlika and the Philippine Congress

The Philippines’ change of name might be tedious in Congress but this is possible. Several attempts in the past were made to rename the country. Among the earliest was that of then-Senator Eddie Ilarde in 1978. This was when the administration of then-President Ferdinand Marcos tries to carve an identity for Filipinos. This is to do away with the country’s mindset as a former colony. Ilarde’s Parliamentary Bill 195 explains that Maharlika ingrains the country’s heritage long before Western colonialists set foot on the country’s shores.

President Duterte and the Marcos Gold

President Rodrigo Duterte awaits Congress’ approval to deal with the Marcos gold. The ball is now in the legislative branch’s court. Congress is needed to set parameters. It takes into account the concerns of critics and the citizenry. The President cannot simply act on his own on this matter. The legislative has to come into play in this case as per the constitution. This only shows that the Marcos gold is not an ill-gotten case. This has something to do with the world economy. It follows a legal process that any entity that tries to steal it lands in jail.

The Strenght of the World’s Capitalists

The capitalists are running the show for decades now. The Filipinos ought to know where they stand. However, the players of the world’s monopoly hold important positions in the Duterte administration. The President has to balance his supporters to avoid dictatorship issues. The situations of the marginalized poor are getting harder. The middle class and the rich ones are helping despite their own financial blows. However, they may not be enough to feed everybody. Elections 2022 may be fast approaching but many people are in need now. It might be necessary to rally on this issue to put pressure on the government’s priorities.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

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Can Congress Fast Track Hearing to Facilitate Movements of Marcos Gold?


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by JDBros


Meet the Keeper of the Wealth for Humanity

The trust for the benefit of humanity holds the World Bank gold certificates issued to the late President Ferdinand Marcos for the deposits in overseas banks. However, most of these stocks are just at the Central Bank. The current World Bank Loans with almost zero percent interest for 29 years plus 10 years grace period are proofs enough that these reserves are real. President Rodrigo Duterte said previously that he would instruct the Congress to convene to recover the Marcos Wealth. The family cannot do this alone.

The World Bank and the IMF

The World Bank and its sister organization, IMF (International Monetary Fund) are special organizations that sit on top of the world’s wealth. They are hidden in secrecy. 400,000 metric tons of them are in the Central Bank. 200,000 metric tons are in the Union Bank of Switzerland. The rest are shipped to around 200 countries. Former First Lady Imelda Marcos is the keeper of the bill of lading.

Warring Factions on the Marcos Wealth

Senator Imee Marcos is the only senator who pushes to secure the World Bank loan necessary to keep the economy afloat during the Covid-19 outbreak. She is known to have a strong alliance with the President. Strong enough to obtain the recent $500 million initial loan. This can go on depending on the extend of the Coronavirus devastation. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole world is in need. Since the country has tasted the fruits of the late President Marcos’ labor already, it’s about time that the Congress must prioritize to convene on the said issue to save and rebuild humanity as a whole. Warring factions should not matter anymore at this time.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

Marcos’ Golden Wealth was Never Hidden – Senate Just Didn’t Listen

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No Doctor’s Clearance for Senator Imee Marcos to Attend the Congress’ Special Session


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by

Zubiri, Marcos cold to Senate adopting House-OKd budget

Senator Imee Marcos No-Show at the Congress’ Special Session

Senator Imee R. Marcos’ physician advises her not to attend the Senate special session due to cough. This is to debate on and pass the proposed Bayanihan Act of 2020 authorizing the President to use unspent government finances. The aim is to resolve the negative effects of the coronavirus crisis. Earlier, she calls on the government not to be stingy on the provisions to the people who have no work no pay status. She is also thinking ahead on drawing resources to rebuild the economy after the coronavirus aftermath.

Go All Heart, All Out

The Senator said that the government should go “all heart, all-out” in funding the fight against COVID-19. She calls an emergency budget to be taken up in a special session of Congress. This is the most crucial investment in our country’s future, She said. Marcos, who chairs the Senate committee on economic affairs, has drawn up an emergency package of almost 750 billion pesos called Pag-ASA: Alaga, Sustento at Pag-Angat. This seeks immediate and sustained protection of health workers, provision of food and cash aid for marginalized communities, and stimulus packages to badly hit industries employing millions of workers.

The Economic Pitch of the Senator

Marcos plans to pitch the Pag-ASA emergency package in a Senate bill. This is due to her fear of public panic in the coming months if the government’s proposed emergency budget of only P200 billion is approved. Possible sources of the first P300 billion of the Pag-ASA emergency package can be squeezed from funds left over from the 2019 budget.

These are from calamity funds in the 2020 budget; intelligence and social funds of the Office of the President; PhilHealth’s emergency reserve fund; and contingency funds from various departments. Namely; education, agriculture, labor and employment, social welfare and development, and public works and highways, Marcos said.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

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Cayetano-Romualdez Congress Deal Gives BBM an Edge


By: Elena Grace Flores
House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano administers the oath-taking for Leyte Representative Martin Romualdez recently.  He takes on the role of majority floor leader of the 18th Congress on July 22, 2019. The Cayetano and Romualdez deal is President Du30’s remedy for the previous speakership conflict. Du30 calls on unity in Congress. The arrangement gives an edge to the current administration’s policies and future endeavours. That could include Bongbong Marcos’ plight for 2022 or before.

YouTube video by

[VIDEO]: Martin Romualdez takes oath as Majority Floor Leader

4th Powerful Position

Taguig-Pateros Rep. Cayetano ascends to the fourth most powerful position in the country.  He receives the nod of 266 out of 300 House members in the speakership vote during the first regular session of the 18th Congress after the plea of the President. Romualdez immediately backs out from  his speakership candidacy in unity with the President’s majority block.

15-Month Term

Davao City 1st District Rep. Paolo Du30 said the House should elect a new Speaker after Cayetano’s 15-month term ends. President Du30’s son made the manifestation before nominating Cayetano for Speaker. Former Speaker aspirants. Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco also nominates Duterte’s running mate in the 2016 presidential elections. Velasco was Cayetano’s arch rival for the position whom Du30 wants to install as the next Speaker. 

Not  Term-Sharing but Resignation

“The term sharing agreement is one between congressman Cayetano, Romualdez, Velasco and the President. I am against any term sharing agreement, however, if the Speaker resigns after 15 months, then we will have to elect a new Speaker,” Paolo said during the chamber’s first regular session of the 18th Congress.

The Power of the Congress on BBM’s Plight

A President can nominate someone to become Vice President if that office is vacant, with the approval of Congress or the House of Representatives. It is known that the current VP now faces charges filed against her by the PNP. That includes sedition. If an impeachment is successful against Robredo, the second position of the land will be available. Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress. When Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo succeeded to the presidency and nominated Teofisto Guingona as Vice President. Guingona was confirmed by Congress on February 9, 2001 and took the oath of office the same day.