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Cebuanos are Amazed that Bongbong Marcos Gave his Salary to a Cooperative


By: Elena Grace Flores

Mami KP

[VIDEO]: BBM in Cebu talks about cooperatives.

Bongbong Marcos is helping a Cooperative

During his speech in Cebu, Bongbong Marcos said that as a public servant, he gave all his salaries to a cooperative. He was just recently criticized for his failure to file his ITR for 5 years during his family’s exile in Hawaii. Little do they know that he’s actually a noble man. Certainly not a criminal.

Cooperative for Farmers

Bongbong Marcos vows that if he’s lucky enough to be president, he would identify cooperatives in the agricultural sector. He aims to nurture the farmers. So, that they can bring back the country’s export quality rice production. Just like during his father’s regime.

Long-lasting Assistance

Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. or Bongbong Marcos is proud to let the public know that a cooperative can help uplift the lives of its members if managed well. The cooperative that he’s been supporting is still thriving at the present time. So, this shows that he’s not a one-time giver. His assistance is long-lasting.