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DOH Cebu Official Shows How Important Social Media is for Covit-19 Monitoring


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by SunStar Web TV
Mandaue City logs first covid-19 case; PH’s total now at 202

The DOH Official Must Embrace Social Media

A DOH official in Cebu urges people during a press conference not to use Facebook to avoid panic. Little did he knew that the DOH tracker automatically sent a notification that one case of a covit-19 test is already confirmed positive. He apologizes later on saying that he was not informed. This is a clear example of why a government official must embrace technology to monitor and disseminate crucial information properly and efficiently in real-time.

Not Innovative Enough

The governor of Cebu, Gwen Garcia tries to stop the panic during a press conference with an unreliable source of information. She refers to the DOH official next to her who confirms that the Facebook post about one Covit-19 positive case in Cebu is allegedly fake news. Only to apologize later on that it is indeed true. The actual source is the DOH tracker website that the official obviously did not subscribe to.

Use Social Media Wisely

The DOH official even urges people not to use Facebook to stop the worries. However, people are now worried because of such an inefficient move. How can the DOH be on top of the situation when this official is the last one to know about the severity of the pandemic? This is a huge problem affecting the world. Why on earth do some officials think that Cebu will be spared from this outbreak when the province is a tourism destination? Early isolation is the key if it is not yet too late. Wake up, Cebuanos!

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