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Democracy Paves Way to the Marcos Family’s Second Chance Upon BBM’s Proclamation


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: Imee Marcos: The Marcos family is grateful of the second chance.

Democracy Paves Way to the Second Chance

Senator Imee Marcos is grateful to the Filipinos for trusting them despite the black media propaganda against them for more than 30 years. Now, they have the opportunity to prove their detractors wrong. As Senator Migz Zubiri said; total democracy is happening in the Philippines when the people’s choice becomes the president shortly before BBM and Sara’s proclamation as President and Vice President respectively.

Good Legislative Connection

Senator Marcos admits that the 2016 election was traumatic for them. In fact, they suggested for BBM to run only for senator. But now, she’s the law maker. So, there’s a good legislative connection. A Marcos in Congress and of course President Bongbong Marcos in the executive level. Democracy wins when the majority president gets proclaimed.

Pray for PBBM

Meanwhile, President Marcos asks everyone to pray for him that he may do good as president. Because if the leader is successful, so does the country. Humility is really evident in the Marcos blood. The Philippines will be great again. Filipinos must be very proud of their new government.

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Democracy on BBM: Can the People be Deprived of their Choice?


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos Cannot be Disqualified

Democracy on BBM

A law expert said that a leading presidential candidate cannot be disqualified in principle. This is because by doing so, the people will be deprived of their choice. That’s democracy. Atty. Antonio Gabriel Maestrado La Viña is a Filipino lawyer, educator, and environmental policy expert.

Political Law 101

Atty. La Viña said that never in the country’s history that such scenario can happen. BBM will prevail, he added. Despite the many cases filed against Bongbong Marcos, the basic concept of political law 101 is still applicable.

The People will Decide

Regardless of the allegations against BBM, the people will decide in the end. This is what democracy is all about. It might be bad news for the biased media but no one is above the law. They can character assassinate Marcos all they want but he remains the people’s choice.

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Democracy Suppression did NOT work on the Dedicated Supporters of the BBM-Sara Uniteam at the Mega Caravan


By: Elena Grace Flores

Manila Bulletin Online

[VIDEO]: Supporters of BBM-Sara Duterte held a ‘mega caravan’ around Metro Manila

Democracy cannot be Suppressed

The BBM-Sara unity team are now under democracy suppression. The leading social media platform fact checker is an anti-government body. Many pro-Marcos online practitioners are blocked during the supposed to be Luneta caravan. Mayor Isko Moreno allegedly hampered the permit necessary.

10-wheele Trucks

Some detracters posted online why the BBM-Sara caravans seldom has 4-wheel cars. So, going to the MOA gathering, some 10-wheeler cars are spotted. They got more than they asked for. So much for democracy, Filipinos can really express their sentiments in very creative ways.

Mega Caravan Pushes Through

Supporters of presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos and running mate Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte held a ‘mega caravan’ motorcade around Metro Manila on December 12, Sunday. More people gathered at the MOA. Despite the challenges in communication and location. So, democracy is still in the hands of the people.

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An Act of Democracy?: Libelous Groups Want Bongbong Marcos Out Desperately


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: New Disqualification Cases still have no Merit

Democracy is Respecting the Rights of Others

The attorney cum spokesperson of Bongbong Marcos said that they respect the rights of some political groups who are motivated to file more disqualification and cancellation of COC cases against BBM. However, they should also respect their stand that the cases have no merit. This is what democracy is all about.

Not a Case of Moral Turpitude

More than 500 lawyers already explained that the non-filing of tax conviction of Bongbong Marcos is not a case of moral turpitude. For one, it did not include a jail sentence which is a primary requirement to make it so. Besides, it was the government who failed to file for Marcos since he’s working as a public servant during the period questioned. Thus, making the accusations libelous.

The BBM-Sara Uniteam Gets Stronger

Marcos never reacted badly to such petitions verbally. His lawyers just handle them in the proper way both online and offline. The brouhaha seems to help the BBM-Sara Uniteam because it’s stronger than ever now. Perhaps, it is safe to say that they are unbeatable. Especially when Mayor Sara Duterte said that she can only do her work as VP if Bongbong Marcos is the President.

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This is How the Anti-Marcos Media Suppress Democracy


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Toni Gonzaga Studio

Democracy is not one way.
One anti-Marcos media website criticizes Toni Gonzaga for giving a platform for Bongbong Marcos’ interview. It said that Gonzaga seems to not know the responsibility she carries especially now that the election is looming. Despite the bashing from the Dilawan faction, the actress remains firm. She said that she is now at the point in her life that she doesn’t have to explain her actions to other people. So, her youtube coverage is now trending online. Clearly, democracy is not one way. Thanks to social media.

Democracy in Journalism

Journalists must get the two sides of the story. Some mainstream media suppress democracy by not airing the side of the Marcoses. Yet, they have the guts of telling Toni Gonzaga what to do. That is a dictatorship in itself. This is why the activities of Bongbong Marcos are never a highlight in the mainstream media. They are limited through the social media channels only and pro-administration radio and TV shows.

The Best and the Worst

Gonzaga knows for sure what democracy is. She does not hail the achievements of the late President Ferdinand Marcos only. The interview allows Bongbong Marcos to explain why his father is the best president the country ever had. While addressing why he was the worst to his critics. As he said, in politics, if you make your enemies angry, you are doing a good job.

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The Real Democracy: Why Bongbong Marcos is Duterte’s Choice?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Democracy is having the right to choose a capable leader.

The Preservation of Democracy

It is a favorite false cry among the oppositions that democracy in the country dies under the Duterte administration. On the contrary, it’s the president who brings it back. This is through his continuous belief in the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ projects for public service. The will of the majority of Filipinos is often set aside by lawmakers. They are the ones who make laws and vote for the implementation of such developments. The Build Build Build project is indeed proof that there’s no backing out on the Marcos-Duterte alliance in any form.

Build Build Build Project is the Proof

It’s such a bluff that the funds for the Build Build Build project are from China. According to our informant, all expenses are through the ADB. This coincides with the last will and testament of former President Marcos. Duterte can only support Bongbong Marcos’s presidential bid for his projects to continue. This is despite the opposition accusing him of being a killer of democracy.

The Wealth is for Public Service

The plan to improve the lifestyle of Filipinos manifests through Marcos’s wealth in secrecy. International financial facilities are available. These are for the construction of public infrastructures. This is the reason why the Philippines can borrow huge amounts of money from the World Bank, IMF, and ADB. The almost zero interest rates, and ample grace periods. Imee Marcos explains this in one of her interviews. But Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III refuses to accept this. So, he gives the credit to the Dilawan administration’s management. However, the logic just does not match up. The battle between the current and yellow stalwarts is just too visible in this arena. Therefore, Filipinos must vote wisely.

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Democracy Threat?: Atty. Gadon Explains why Maria Ressa is a Criminal

By: Elena Grace Flores

Notable lawyer and senatorial candidate, Larry Gadon denies Maria Ressa’s claim of possible democracy threat by the government. This is after her arrest upon arriving at the Manila airport. According to PNP spokesman Col. Bernard Banac, the police did not violate regulations. Members of the Pasig City police subpoena section presents the arrests warrant to her upon her arrival at the NAIA from the US. Her violation of the Anti-Dummy Law leads to the PNP’s move. Therefore, Atty. Gadon concludes; She is a criminal because of such a crime. Nothing to do with democracy at all contrary to her claim. Just a sign of stupidity, the swearing Attorney added.

YouTube video byGising Pinoy

[VIDEO]: Atty Larry Gadon Maybanat kay Maria Ressa

Not a Democracy Threat but a Mere Act of Stupidity

Atty. Gadon explains that the Anti-Dummy Law exists to protect the citizens from some foreigners’ manipulation activities. However, Ressa is found to accept investments from foreign entities to fund her media company. Not to mention the confusion of her own nationality. Gadon, however, gives her the benefit of the doubt that she may not be aware of the law. It’s because she is not that deep. She can only speak English fluently but her understanding of the country’s issues is very slim, criticizes Gadon.

Nothing to Do with Journalists

On the other hand, the presumptive Vice President, Leni Robredo said that the second arrest of Ressa looks like a “warning” for journalists who criticize the administration. Robredo also gets the reputation of being “stupid” in social media. Many of her speeches details that do not tally. Even the simple computation that pertains to the price of rice. She often cries foul over the alleged fake news against her by the supporters of her arch-rival, Bongbong Marcos. She still faces an electoral protest by him that is pending for decision.

Impartial Press Coverage is also Misleading

Ressa’s publication is known to contain news against the administration. It also targets Gov. Imee Marcos recently who runs as Senator for the May 13, 2019 elections. Marcos is one of the main supporters of the President during the Election 2016. In fact, the Filipino leader pledges the Presidency to her brother should he steps down. This can only happen when the younger Marcos wins the recount for the Vice Presidency.

Media Connivance with the Opposition

Robredo’s behavior of protecting Ressa despite her knowledge of the law is a confirmation of their connivance to mislead the public. She is seen giving incorrect data just to cloud the good efforts of President Du30 like the drug war. The questionable VP is often a laughing stock in Facebook.

Gadon’s Public Role

The tough-speaking lawyer obviously attracts followers because of his brutally frank nature. He speaks with conviction using the Filipino language. This captivates the Filipino masses. His “I do not like stupid people” slogan or “Ayaw ko sa bobo” is now quite famous online. Therefore, Ressa should get her act together not to give journalists a bad name. Perhaps, she can help reserve democracy by not being bias after all.

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Democracy in Makati: Abby &Jojo Binay Tandem is for Imee Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

Despite the lost footages online, many remember that Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos who runs for Senator joins the ribbon cutting in Makati. It was during the Consumer’s Welfare Week 2018 at the Makati City Hall. She hails the leadership of Mayor Abby Binay and her Vice Mayor Monique Lagdameo. Now that former Vice President Jojo Binay announces support to his daughter, things get clearer than ever. The Binay patriarch is supportive of the Marcoses regardless of his human rights lawyering during martial law. This is contrary to his other daughter’s stand. Senator Nancy Binay seeks another term alongside her brother, Junjun who opposes the incumbent Makati mayor. Democracy is evident in the commercial city because people get to vote their bet within the family. z

YouTube video by ABS-CBN News

[VIDEO]: Ex-VP Binay, susuportahan si Abby sa kaniyang reelection bid.

Two Sets of Binays in Makati

Abby Binay and Jojo Binay are obviously in line with the idealism of Bongbong and Imee Marcos. While Nancy Binay is often heard speaking negatively against them. She fights alongside with brother Junjun who runs with Monsour del Rosario as District 1 Representative opposite her father and sister. Aside from sibling rivalry, many can tag this as pro and anti-Marcos bout.

From Jojo to Imee

On the other hand, the campaign ad of Imee Marcos depicts that of Jojo Binay’s “We are like this in Makati.” She recently launches “We are like this in Ilocos Norte! The governor who is now a senatorial candidate talks about the price of rice in her province in this video. Definitely a classic advertisement straight from Jejomar Binay’s portfolio in the 2016 elections!

Democracy in Makati through Election

Abby in an interview confesses that has differences with older sister, Nancy. The mayor has always been independent of her family. It is quite a surprise when her father shows up during her certificate of candidacy filing versus brother Junjun. Prior to this Jojo already said that he would live it to the people’s choice. They have to vote among his two children. It is democracy in action.

Sibling Rivalry

A Win-Win Situation for the Binays

Abby and Junjun may divide the votes in Makati. However, it is a different case when the father runs alongside one. Most residents just love him. Nevertheless, the line up for the race only highlights the siblings as the top two contenders of the mayoral post. Perhaps, this can also determine the Marcoses’ return to power. It’s becauses whoever wins is still a Binay.

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Is Facebook Against Democracy for Pleasing Robredo’s Kind?

By: Elena Grace Flores

The presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo accused of cheating in the 2016 elections by former Senator Bongbong Marcos is happy about the ban of Facebook on a local company behind the pro-President Rodrigo Du30’s posts. “This is huge, like a gift to the people,” Robredo said in her weekly radio program. However, owners of such accounts who are legitimate supporters of the current administration hate Robredo and her kind more. This goes the same to the Marcos supporters. Is Facebook killing democracy in the country? They asked. It is a now a common occurence that these accounts are either taken out or blocked from posting links or articles. z

YouTube video by PLAKADO Prodaxons


Hypocrisy Looms

“It’s not for me, but for the whole Philippines that it’s OK to criticize, as long as the basis of criticism is true,” Robredo said. She cites two Facebook pages ran by Twinmark Media Enterprises Inc. – Filipino Channel Online and Trending News Portal – as having “run fake news against opposition figures,” with her as the “number one” target. This is a big puzzle to Filipinos because of this questionable VP’s supporters are also doing the same thing. In fact, she is popular as the ultimate source of Fake News against the Du30 administration. She is also critical about the Marcoses using unfounded lies.

Selective Democracy

Not enough, she said that Facebook should continue such actions, claiming that thousands of fake troll accounts still exist including the ones from her group. She often blasts the government as an entity that does not allow words of decent. That every time she’s ignored, it is already her common expression that democracy dies. Is democracy dead then again?

Not a Big Deal for the Administration

Malacañang earlier shrugs off Facebook’s decision to remove some pro-Duterte pages for violating its policies. There are other platforms that supporters can use to show their appreciation for the administration. Presidential Spokesperson and Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo made the statement before and its stand so far does not change.

A Democratic Government

The reaction of President Du30’s speaker is very democratic. “Facebook must have its own rules and regulations. If they are implementing them, that is their own rule,” Panelo said.

Social Media Dominance

It is known that Maria Ressa meets with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to complain about the subject. As a result, the opposition gets the advantage from the platform from then on. This prompted the affected ones to innovate systems where they can express their sentiments democracy-wise. As talented as Filipinos can be, it’s only a matter of time that Facebook’s dominance in the Philippines becomes vulnerable.

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Can Former Senator Bongbong Marcos Continue his VP Duties Despite Criticisms?


By: Elena Grace Flores

The ongoing election protest of former Senator Bongbong Marcos against the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo is instructive over the results of the vice presidential contest. The tell-tale signs of a concerted effort to ensure that the wishes of then-President Benigno Simeon Aquino III to block Marcos’ return to the executive office are obvious. His party supporters safely carried out their quest during elections. Smartmatic obviously ensures the victory of the pro-Aquino slate. However, despite the mainstream media blackout, the son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos remains to thrive because of his clan’s good governance.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: I always believed in the importance of the LGUs, having spent most of my public service career in local government. To all the barangays in Quezon City, congratulations on a job well done!

Ex-Pnoy’s Wrath

The most sophisticated cheating strategy happens in the highest levels of the Comelec. This is under the baton no less of the infamous ex-Comelec Chair Andy Bautista. He organizes what turns out to be the most corrupt electoral system and practice in the country’s history.  That starts from the leak of the list which the National Privacy Commission exposed. It turns out that the same was the handiwork of a group of Comelec employees working in tandem with LP manipulators.

Follow-up on Senator Tito Sotto

Calls for Senate President Tito Sotto and Senator Dick Gordon occupy social media platforms. People are making follow-ups on the verdict of the hearings conducted. They owe it to the public to make the 2016 elections mishaps as the basis to safeguard a clean, honest and credible elections in 2019. The joint legislative committee on the automated electoral system has gathered enough information. They can easily craft a good model for the next elections if they want to.

Tweaking Excuses

The tweaking of the “N” in the middle of the national canvass by Venezuela Marlon Garcia already casts doubts on the 2016 elections. Neither Comelec nor Smartmatic cannot come up with credible excuses. The overwhelming public view that it caused Marcos’ over-a-million lead to vanish dramatically remains. Thus, the ongoing protest at the Presidential Electoral Tribunal is very much alive. In fact, it leans towards Marcos’ victory. It is even supported by the IT experts in the country.

Never Again to Smartmatic

The people should never again let Smartmatic and its co-conspirators to make a mockery of our electoral process. Foreigners must not decide the fate of our democracy. They are the reason for all kinds of problems and questionable results using their automated electoral system. The oligarchs benefit greatly from the results they generate.

Where is Democracy?

Smartmatic’s monopoly over Philippine elections was perpetuated by PNoy-appointed officials. Acting Comelec chairman Christian Robert Lim awarded the supply contract for the vote counting machines (VCMs) to be used in the May 2019 midterm elections to Smartmatic. This was three weeks before his scheduled retirement on February 2, 2018. Also, it was without the benefit of any bidding or public notice. Now, it would be too expensive for the government to eliminate that. Therefore, Marcos’ critics have no right to stop Marcos from inspiring the LGUs to promote good governance. The pro-Marcos community is larger than the black media propaganda his detractors launched against him because they are the real voters.