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Part 2 for Love Film Between Two Men?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There’s no denying that the romantic love film between two men played by Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez was a big hit. For sure, many followers are already excited for the Part 2. This may not be confirmed yet but according to the recent interview of Dennis Trillo on February 17 over GMA News, he heard something about it already. He did not deny it all so, hopefuls are very happy. Read this for the background of My Husband’s Lover:

The Beki Chronicles: What My Husband’s Lover Couldn’t Air, Glee Just Did With Liplock Between Kurt & Blaine in Wedding Proposal Episode (VIDEOS)

By: Vittorio Hernandez

The GMA-7 popular soap opera My Husband’s Lover officially ended on Friday, Oct 18, after five months of successful run. Many of its followers are talking in social media sites are the final liplock scene between main leads Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo which was cut off just a few inches before their lips touch.

This love film was patronized by men, women and gays alike! The real proof that the soap was very successful despite criticisms from some conservative Filipinos. Gays probably learned to go out of the closet in today’s society. That’s why, the general public can’t do much about it but to accept the fact that third sex is real. Part 2 for My Husband’s Lover is very much welcome!

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