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Sons of Imee Marcos Commend the Senator to be’s Parenting Success


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The success of parents can only be seen through their children. All countries have their own social problems. In the Philippines, mental illness and drug abuse can be traced back to the changes in parenting styles of Filipinos. Since the overseas Filipino workers become in demand, many children end up in despair. There’s one thing that cannot be denied though. Numerous successful individuals are mostly raised by the single mothers. This is why Gov. Imee Marcos, a candidate for Senator serves as a role model as commended by her own children.

Youtube video by;  Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]:  In Imee Sagot radio program the 3 sons of the Bet for Senator express their views on lack of parental guidance as a social problem.

Computer Gaming as a Sport

Atty. Michael Manotoc said that in today’s world, hackers made a name for themselves. Borgy Manotoc added that the youngsters can be superstars in their own games online. Board Member Matthew Manotoc also confirmed that there’s already some sort of digital gaming career. However, the motherly instinct of Gov. Marcos brings the topic back to the symptoms of mental illness among youngsters.

Social and Anti-Social Syndromes

The governor urges the audience to be vigilant with the mental illness symptoms that manifest among children and teenagers. They include violence, anti-social or overly exaggerated or repetitive behaviors. She said that it is best to treat them as another condition like depression. Psychiatric help is a must.

The Digital Age Lifestyle and Drug Tests on the Students

In the digital age, many people not just the young ones find their own world online. They can’t see any need for socialization because they are already comfortable with their digital lifestyle. However, once they are influenced badly by their cyber contacts, they can be prone to drug abuses or even criminal acts. Some are even used by their own parents for drug trade because the underaged kids are spared by the law. Nonetheless, Atty. Manotoc said that to drug test schoolchildren is an overkill. The dashing model then recommended that the parents must be held accountable for their offsprings’ misdemeanor or a big mess.

Balancing with Physical Activities

Regardless of what age and lifestyle we are in now, some things just never changed. Balancing the mind with the body is still crucial. Nothing is wrong with enhancing the mind and sight coordination using computerized gadgets for as long as physical activities can also go along with it perhaps in another set of activities with family or friends.

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DOH: Robredo can Attest that Social Media Contributes to Depression


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

DOH spokesman Eric Tayag explains that social media is a good way to connect to people, but it also has a negative effect. It causes depression through bashing – that Leni Robredo can attest. Some users are quite affected with it thus, giving them a hard time. Vulnerable individuals must be protected, especially the adolescents.

Youtube video by; News5Everywhere
[VIDEO]: Hinikayat ng Department of Health na agad kumonsulta sa mga doktor ang mga taong nakararanas ng depression.

Leni Robredo’s Experience

Leni Robredo is one victim of online harassment. She has highlighted accessibility of social media as one easy channel for the emerging difficulties in dealing with cyber attacks against women, like her. Robredo said women that become easy targets of attacks using the internet as the platform for such humiliating attacks.

Depression Help

The DOH announces that they have installed a 24-hour suicide prevention hotline called the Hopeline Project. It could also be used to assess the actual situation in the Philippines.  The DOH launched the said project in September 2016 in conjunction with the World Health Organization and the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation. This is to provide a support system for those who are prone to suicidal thoughts.


Initially, it is noted that most of the callers suffer from depression due to failed love life.  The hotline received 3,479 calls in 2016 and 605 of the callers showed signs of depression. 496 inquired about depression and suicide. The rest of the 479 callers admitted to experiencing stress and possible depression

Know Depression

Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial stressed that everyone should know the telltale signs of depression. It can happen to anyone. Detect depression by looking at a person closely. If he or she is no longer able to do daily tasks, then that’s an obvious sign of depression. If a person who usually takes a bath but stopped all of a sudden, that’s telling family members that he or she is depressed. Ubial said that it is really necessary for family members to be concerned with loved ones – to ensure that help is provided to those who are depressed because they can’t help themselves. The help of a psychiatrist is needed. Those who do not seek medical help despite the symptoms are the crazy ones.

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My Bout with Depression

welcome By: Destiny Rose
Its to hard to get up again – too hard to start fresh. I know I must do it as there is no way out. I don’t have the energy or want to go on. I don’t want to forge my way through life and gather what I had. I lay thinking on how can I – why do I want to strive? I have done it already – reached my peak and succeeded. I don’t want to be a broken someone that’s striving but meek. I think of the task; all that needs to be done and I can find a start from the hundreds, a start that’s just one. I lay here for hours and fret before sleep. I lay sweating profusely for the clarity I seek. It doesn’t come at all… I’m left with no end. How I can put this life back together, start it on the mend?

Each day I try to muster the strength to succeed to take me back to a time when I don’t have the struggling to find the coin for a feed. I know it will get better, I have been told that it’s so, I just can’t see it yet right now as my life has no glow. Oh how I wish things were different easier less stressed I do wish it were easier to get up and get dressed. But for now it’s a big mess that I’m left to endure. A mess that my life left me in. A mess that’s for sure…..

No one can help me or direct me to be free. Nor can they understand the pain that’s in me. There’s no one there when I look there’s no one to ask, I stand here alone to help it seems not with this burden, this task. They all say that they are my friend but where are they now? They say they will be there to help but it seems not help with the mend. So I stand here alone the task grows by the day it grows big like a mountain, you can see for away. It grow with every thought, every action each day. It grows far too big for me – making my days turn to grey.

I wish I could shed all the stuff from my life. I wish I could clear it out – for now it’s the cause of my strife. It must be depression.
Image Source: GMA